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Healthy Eating Resources

Discussion in 'PSHE' started by LACA-NSMW, Oct 27, 2011.

  1. What resources would you find useful for teaching all key stages about the importance of healthy eating and healthy lifestyles?

    Thanks for any help you can give

  2. Hi Karen,
    I saw your post and thought i'd reply...don't know if its too late?? Anyway...
    I run a business called The Fun Food Company, providing nutritional shows for school PHSE type sessions, world food days/week and activity weeks.
    I'll just outline the show we offer to Schools at the moment.
    The Fun Food Company runs nutritional shows to KS3 students, during PHSE sessions (or just for fun learning), in the form of a 2 part show (1 hour long) comprising of nutritional teaching, going through the importance of a healthy breakfast and how to balance the eat well plate, to recognising which foods contain carbs, protein, vits and mins etc. The second half of the show is a competition loosely based on the television programme 'Ready Steady Cook', where 2 celebrity chefs (teachers) and their 2 team mates (pupils) battle for 15 minutes to cook a balanced meal, red team (red chilis) verses the green team (green peas).
    Each team has a fully functional stage kitchen with 2 electric woks, a steamer, chopping boards, knife sets and cooking utensils. Once the competition has ended, the teams present the finished food onto the centre presentation table, where 10 audience volunteers come and taste the food and give their opinion.
    The winner is then voted for by the audience (50 - 300 pupils).
    This show is a great way for pupils to learn about healthy eating and the importance of it, whilst having a great, fun and interative hour.
    As we are a young growing Company, we are currently trying to get the show out there in schools to teach about healthy eating, and from a business point of view, make a name for ourselves.
    We have already got two established Contract Caterers who use us in their schools and the reception is great, and we know it works. It is also great evidence for your OFSTED reports.
    I would love the opportunity to come and give a no obligation presentation about the show to yourselves and collegues (we are based in South Manchester but will travel reasonable distance), even if you are only remotely interested.
    If you would like anymore information, or to arrange a meeting, or even just a chat, please contact me on the details below. Or I can send out some photos and our information booklet.

    Ian Rotherham
    Event Manager
    The Fun Food Company
    Telephone: 07563 791 773
    e-mail: <u>ian@funfoodcompany.co.uk</u>
    Website: www.funfoodcompany.co.uk

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