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Healthy Eating Lesson Plans

Discussion in 'Science' started by anon82, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. That sounds great! Do you have anything you can send me regarding that? ilj x
  2. beach-babe

    beach-babe New commenter

    Model is basically as described, use your imagination to make it as gross as you like! Healthy eating plates I got from the government healthy lifestyles site
  3. I wrote an post on my blog about an idea that might be useful to you.
    It looks at the idea of a balanced diet in the context of an milkshake which contains 2010 calories. I designed and uploaded a free resource on this as well. It was orginally designed for KS3 classes but could easily be adapted for KS2.
    I am trying to include more ideas for KS2 science. If you (or anyone else) has any other topics that you find difficult to resource then please let me know (gemma@snapshotscience.co.uk)

  4. Hi ilj,
    I expect you've already done your plans now but a really good website is comiccompany.co.uk, they do loads of resources based around healthy eating- including eat well plate floor mats with food cards which are really useful for making the plate more fun.
    Hope this is still useful (apologies if not!)

  5. hey, this is my topic next half term. Did you get any good resources or plans you wouldnt mind sharing? please

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