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health & social care observation - please help!

Discussion in 'Science' started by tea&scones, Mar 4, 2009.

  1. I have an observation from the head coming up in a Yr 11 health & social care lesson. As they are just getting on with coursework each lesson i need to make up a lesson that ticks all the boxes for my observation. I realise this is not really how it should work, but i don't make the rules i just have to go by them.
    Anyway, has anybody got any ideas at all about ways to meet observation standards for a coursework lesson that may help me even get started? Any ideas that may be interesting /fun/challenging that perhaps they've tried with a health & social care class? Please - any ideas welcome! Thanks.
  2. horsvw

    horsvw New commenter

    Hi this happened at our school and the health and social care teacher had to teach a one off lesson - no coursework.
  3. I have done this in the past for OFSTED and for internal observations and it has always gone down well, so here goes!
    Don't teach a one off lesson, have them doing their coursework as you normally would have but with a bit of a twist.
    Start off with them using the specifications to identify what they have done already (you could make a checklis tto help them if you wanted). Get them and/or their peers to self assess/grade the work or a section of it that they have done, as it currently stands. Then get them to identify their next steps, either to improve their grade or to move on to the next section, so they are setting themselves targets. Make sure they do this specifically, not just 'complete AO1' or some such vagueness e.g. 'I need to search for at least 2 sources of information that can back up the points I am making about x, interpret this information and apply it to the case study and make sue I record my sources in the text and in the bibliography'. You can get them to record a couple of targets like this to make them time related, again using self and/or peer assessment at the end of the allotted time to grade and set new targets. You could have a plenary where they set themselves an action plan for what to do next, either as homework or in the next lesson).
    It is useful to have the students practice this lesson format before you are observed, so they can get the hang of it. You can also make a proforma for them to complete and include in their notes to track their progress.
    It's actually good practice to do this and gets the students used to using the specifications, knowing what is expected for higher grades and taking responsibility for their own learning.
    In addition to this, it focusses their minds and helps stop those ones who don't sometimes make the best use of their time when 'doing coursework'.
    It can also help you to know where the students are better and can be used to show evidence of good planning and independent work, which are also needed for higher grades.
    Hope this helps.

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