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Health related fitness lesson plans/ schemes of work

Discussion in 'Physical education' started by kellyjane04, Sep 10, 2006.

  1. If you're willing to share can you not upload them onto the TES resources section of this website? I thought it was there to smplify things so you don't have a million and one people asking you to e-mail them. Just a suggestion as I would be interested in looking at them too.
  2. tom - any chance i could have some stuff? am just in the process of putting together a ks3 scheme of work and could do with some other ideas. Will send you a copy of mine in return as soon as its completed :)

  3. badra

    badra New commenter


    Don't want to be cheeky too but I would appreciate if anyone could send it to me too, It would be awsome.

    Thanks thanks thanks

    Mail to :garfybass@yahoo.co.uk
  4. hi there,
    could i please have a copy too, sounds really useful..
    thank you

  5. misstippytoes

    misstippytoes New commenter

  6. WoW... What a response...
    I should have charged a quid for each email.

    Have just added most of the Yr 7 SOW. Will get the rest on the resource Bank.

    Currently at week 4 of the KS4 unit. Things looking good great ideas there also.

    many thanks
    oh, feedback is welcome.
    Tom Kendall (tomkend@aol.com)
    All done bye bye
  7. please can i have some ideas too... i have to teach a 12 week unit to ks3 and am running out of ideas! my email is katiejlo@hotmail.com
  8. Hiya people

    For those of you that are needing help just uploaded KS4 HRF based stuff.

    It's mainly based in a gym / fitness suite environment.

    If you need help just email me for specific ideas...

    Email is: Tomkend@aol.com

    Many thanks for your responses to date, any feedback is appreciated also.

    Tom K
    All done bye bye

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