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Health Questionnaire charge??

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Mskirv, May 23, 2011.

  1. <font size="2">I am starting a Primary PGCE at Northumbria in September and one of the pre-course requirements is the completion of a `health questionnaire`. I contacted my GP surgery to acquire an up to date inoculation list. </font>
    <font size="2"> </font><font size="2">I was told: ` your [paper] notes haven`t been put on the computer yet, so there`ll be a charge` </font><font size="2"> </font><font size="2">When I asked how much the charge would be; I was told that because someone would have to physically photocopy the records the cost would be &pound;50. I have checked the FOI act and the the information seems correct, there is a charge. </font>
    Has anybody else come across this?

  2. Kartoshka

    Kartoshka Established commenter

    I am doing a PGCE at the moment and had to complete a health questionnaire before I was formally accepted onto the course. The health questionnaire itself cost £50 I think. I had to fill in information about family medical history and my own personal medical history. They did ask for a list of vaccinations but I just put what I could remember - MMR was the only one I put down from being a young child, because all the others you need boosters for anyway by our stage of life, and then tuberculosis, meningitis, polio that I remember having at secondary school.
  3. Hi,
    If you don't want to go through your Dr, your school nurse from when you were in school should have a record of all the shots you had at school. So if you ring your old school they might be able to help you, as sometimes Drs dont have complete vaccination records. the prices that certain drs surgeries charge for some things are a bit extreme.
    My drs surgery got me a copy no questions ask for free of my vaccination history.
  4. Hi I think you only have to complete that part if you are going for nursing. It's the same form for lots of different courses. I rang and the PGCE students only had to complete a small part of that form. x
  5. EcoLady

    EcoLady New commenter

    My GP's surgery charged me &pound;25 to complete and sign my Uni's health check, and that was without any specific info on innoculations. I had to book an appointment to see the GP as I haven't been there for several years: far too healthy.
  6. Mine cost &pound;25. All it asks for is a signature confirming that you have no history of illness that will affect your ability to teach. Nothing about vaccinations (although the practice nurse filled that out anyway).
    By the way, it took my general practice nearly a month to sign the form, so don't leave it too late.
  7. I went to see the doctor for a check up and he had a quick look on the records as they were on the computor. It didnt cost. I bet if Id have asked the receptionist they might have charged....
  8. I didn't pay anything, I just filled in a form which was sent off, they called for my dr's records and I haven't been charged for it, must vary from provider to provider!
  9. My CRB and Occupational Health Form all came in one bundle and I was charged for them all at once. A bargain price of &pound;71.50!
    *sigh* and the course hasn't even started yet! :(

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