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health and social care teachers... a little insight?

Discussion in 'Social sciences' started by ebdahead, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. Hi health and social care teachers, I'd appreciate a little information. I've got quite a lot of teaching experience but in FE and alternative
    settings and I THINK that health and social care might be the subject for me. I'm super keen on applying for a pgce and would like a little insight! My first thoughts
    are that health and social care would be a great subject to teach but I'd really
    appreciate your opinions on the subject - do you enjoy teaching it,
    what are student attitudes like (I know it depends on the school/
    individual classes etc but I mean in comparison to other subjects) and
    what are the job/prospects like? Basically, any subject specific information would be much appreciated.
    Any info much appreciated!
  2. It is a great subject to teach! Learners tend to really enjoy it because they see the futurity of the subject and it's application to real life careers in the NHS, Social Services, Playwork ect. It allows you to be really creative and lessons can be active and practical if you manage your time and the learners effectively. The marking can be quite a strain, especially on the BTEC's but the scope for outside agencies coming into school eg nurses and visits to vocational settings is good.
  3. I enjoy teaching it, but be aware that in some schools it can become a 'dumping ground' for students who noone else wants on their courses. As a consequence it can be quite difficult to teach them and get good results, however, it is great watching such classes develop and great when you can build a good relationship with them.
  4. Hi, thanks for the advice. It's a shame that some teachers/schools see
    it as a 'dumping ground' but good that it's interesting enough to get
    the more challenging learners engaged- I'm just about to get back to
    filling my application in!

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