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Health and social care resources

Discussion in 'Social sciences' started by te9cher, Aug 23, 2011.

  1. I am just starting to teach health and social care for the first time and think it would be useful for me and others to share resources - especially free ones in the current economic climate. I will be teaching BTEC foundation and level 2.Can anyone start things off ?
  2. Hey. I have some L2 bits I can share. Let me know what units you're looking for. What L1 units do you have resources for? You can PM me if you prefer.
  3. two websites that have a few resources are:

    hope that helps
  4. I have some resources for BTEC. What units are you teaching and what is your email address?
  5. hi
    i teach ocr nationals level 3 and also btec
    let me know what topics you are teaching and ill shaer with you what i can

    my email is e.gregory@paget.staffs.sch.uk

  6. Will drop you guys a PM with my details, thanks
  7. Hi - thank you !

    I am teaching edexcel level 1 - the 7 mandatory units plus 9 and 14


    Edexcel level 2 extended certificalr units 1,2,3,4 and 5

    My emails address is atittley@orange.net

    Thank you again
  8. Hi Teresa

    Are you doing the extended or just certificate? Are you doing it in a year or over two years? Have you written any tasks/assignment briefs? How many lessons?

    Let us know, and i'll give you what I know.

  9. Thank you for sharing these websites - I was not aware of either of them and trying to collate a bank of resources for Health and Social Care and Citizenship/PSHE that are a little different to the normal activities used.

    Hoping to find and share some innovative and creative ideas.
    Thanks again
  10. There's also a section for Health and Social care resources on www.resourcd.com

  11. cscalia

    cscalia New commenter

    Hi all
    I am teaching Unit 11 level 3 but i need some clarification on the assignment. Do I need to set the task?
    Please help
  12. CookiMnstr

    CookiMnstr New commenter

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