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Health and Safety when working with Perspex

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by knitharris, Dec 6, 2017.

  1. knitharris

    knitharris New commenter

    I am having an issue with a parent who wants his son to wear a face mask when sanding a 60mm x 60mm square of laminated acrylic with wet and dry paper. My stance is I have a new, clean , well ventilated workshop. We used the paper dry then wet, the kids washed their hands after. I consulted the relevant British Standard and CLeaps and am fine unless we do any machining which I am not planning. I have little funding or resources so cannot afford this. Have I missed something here?
    I should say this is a small focussed practical task to teach basic skills, my kids have non. They can’t even use scissors.
    This kid however does do a lot of stuff at home and has very good skills but has not worked with this material before
    I have been teaching DT for over 20 years, a former HOF for over 8 and never heard the like.....maybe being a woman doesn’t help!
  2. Sister I feel your pain. I have also used it for years and always preached the 'gospel' of not breathing it in and not blowing the dust. Students were told that as long as they hoovered up after, they would survive and this has always worked for me. I used it while pregnant with no ill effects (so far). Is it to much to ask the parent to supply the mask if they are so concerned. You might also consider completing a risk assessment with data from CLEAPPS and DATA to back you, worth spending the time now in case iit happens again and talking it over with the concerned parent..

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