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Health and Safety cuts and free events this term

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by durgamata, May 3, 2011.

  1. durgamata

    durgamata Occasional commenter

    Just catching up on the news at the weekend, I read an article about cuts to Health and Safety inspections in last Wednesday's Independent. Did anyone else see it? I have copied it and increased the font size, added some highlights etc to make it more 'user friendly' as a resource for use in class - and uploaded it to My Resources. Here is a copy of the info I have put about it.

    I have only referenced this to Citizenship (which I have sometimes taught alongside RE) but there is an overlap in topic and this is also relevant for RE - especially with some GCSE syllabuses. The following is what I have included with the article

    Excellent article on cuts to Health and Safety due to a desire to please the companies which fund political parties (saving firms money required for improving safety standards) with serious consequences for employees.

    Rates of death/injury at work will increase causing huge financial costs to the taxpayer and immeasurable suffering for many individuals and families.

    We need a campaign like we had for the forest sell-off to reverse this evil policy

    The article raises important questions and is clear enough to use with KS3 upwards. Stimulate some great discussion/higher level thinking.

    Please add comments and ratings to help me when preparing resources.

    as you probably know, I am an RE/Citizenship/Art teacher and have been out of work following redundancy for two years now. As I am over 50 and at the top of the Payscale (ex HOD in RE) and with over 4000 other unemployed teachers looking for work I am not likely to get another full time job in my subject (I currently work as an Assistant Teacher iin my local College of FE, but this will phase out as students take exams)

    Rather than get depressed about the situation or give up working in the field I love and am experienced in, I am doing my best to start a business which creates products and offers consultancy and workshops. You can see my website - www.bluelotus.co - and contact me by email (info@bluelotus.co) or a PM.

    if you would like me to come in as a speaker or to run workshops /RE or Citizenship days or just to come in and offer any kind of support you may find helpful.

    I gave some workshops free (expenses only) during RE month which were a great success. They were mostly in Primary schools - with classes from Reception upwards - and combined RE with an art activity. I have one I particularly enjoyed where we go back in time and create Cave Paintings, exploring the meaning and possible origins of religion. Another great one was a Hinduism day where the children made individual Mendhi patterns and worked together to create a large Ranguli pattern with coloured rice. I ask just for £10.00 upfront for materials and the cost of travel and meals. I am happy to go anywhere in UK.

    I am finding the aspect of business that is marketing and 'selling yourself' quite difficult but if you look at My Resources you will see that I am genuine and know my subjects. One seven year old commented during one of the workshops, that it was the best day she had ever had in school.

    I am hoping that by offering workshops free I will gain the contacts and experience to be able to start charging and creating an income by September - if any schools have a budget for such 'luxuries' but do contact me now and get yours free..

    And if you want to start or join a campaign for a change to the policy on Health and Safety let me know as I feel very strongly about this issue.

    best wishes and love to all


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