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Health and safety and site assessment

Discussion in 'Headteachers' started by transilvanian, May 14, 2011.

  1. The assessment will be helpful and will give you an action plan & advice. If there are serious issues they will be back within a few months or they'll send in people to advise further eg Fire officer, glazing expert, tree survey, asbestos etc. There is lot of risk assessment required during the assessment. They will look at the last report to see if actions have been met so ask them for a copy of this of you can't find it. This could form the basis of your gov meeting. You must tell them the position you are in. You can ask for advise at any time before the assessment or use it as a way forward. They traffic light actions snd give you a time scale to grt each done. I recommend the health & safety training for school leaders & take a gov or senior admin person with you to share the workload. I have a governor who keeps up to speed on this & walks round with me regularly & males sure i keep the papereork up to date. The assessment is there to help you so don't worry.
  2. Thanks for the help on this one. I may have misled you into thinking it was a 'formal' visit. I am doing this one off my own back because I know the previous Head neglected it - and the school a bit. So I wanted some ideas about where to focus - aside from the very obvious!! However it puts my mind at rest to know that even if it was done 'officially' that I would be able to take some time to get things put right. You have re-assured me - Thanks
  3. Thanks ericha - that would be a great help!!!

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