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Headteacher, What to do next ....... Professional Advice

Discussion in 'Headteachers' started by edwinhead, Apr 20, 2011.

  1. Hello guys,

    I am writing this message to ask for Advice from my fellow primary headteachers. I have had to start a new account due to my other being blocked. Right, well, basically I have been headteacher for a primary school in north Manchester for 12 years now. Everything started fantastically with the first OFSTED report saying 'We are good school with excellent staff and leadership'' or something along them lines.

    However, 3 years ago my very trustworthy deputy and great friend left the school to become Headteacher at a primary in Cumbria. Since then things have started drastically slip. In the recent OFSTED report the school was put into special measures and the teaching was graded unsatisfactory at the school. I was some what surprised at this. We have had supply teachers in to cover 2 maternity leaves but I still felt the teaching was of a high standard. I have started to fight to get the school back on track but it seems the Governors have lost all confidence in me and the staff room seems to be lost as well. I am thinking of moving on and letting a New headteacher come to the school as I think it would possibly be the best. I am worried on what I could go onto next. I do love being a Headteacher and I loved even more being a deputy. Would it be possible for me to move onto one of these roles at another school or would I stand at a disadvantage the fact the last school was in special measures, has my Headteacher career been ruined basically? Also are you aware of any headteachers who have moved on to other jobs after their stints at being headteacher, maybe outside the education sector, this would not be ideal but a job is a job. Any advice would be much appreciated at this increasingly stressful and upsetting time

    Thank you
  2. I responded on the other link. You should speak to your union about governors and the local authority must offer you a Headteacher colleague as a mentor during Sp M. Do take up the mentor. I'd also advise a Life Coach during Sp M. I found Liz Scott brilliant. I rang her for 1 hour sessions whenever needed and she helped build me up again during Sp M. Look after yourself & hang in there! It all comes good in the end.
  3. Keighleigh

    Keighleigh New commenter

    I'm sorry you are in this position but can I ask why did things slip when the Deputy left? Do you want to see the school through special measures? I know everybody has lost faith in you but have you lost faith in yourself?

    I'm sure the helpful HT's in here will help and guide you. Good luck.

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