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Headteacher survey for middle leaders - Masters research

Discussion in 'Heads of department' started by lastic, Dec 4, 2019.

  1. lastic

    lastic New commenter

    As part of my dissertation research into factors which may be impeding women into headship, I am looking for middle leaders in UK secondary schools to complete a survey regarding the topic stated in the thread title.

    I would be grateful if you could complete the survey in the link below:

    The first page of the survey provides details about the study, the context and information regarding your rights as a participant.

    It is estimated that it should take no longer than 15 minutes to complete, and your involvement is greatly appreciated.

    The survey is anonymous and all information will be treated with the strictest confidence and used for this study only.

    Any questions or to withdraw from the study at any time please e-mail: educationresearchstudy@gmail.com.

    Many thanks.
  2. Flanks

    Flanks Senior commenter

    No need to repost this when it was still on the front page...
  3. sooooexcited

    sooooexcited Established commenter

    I'm interested as to the research you have found that says women are (or may be) impeded from becoming headteachers. Could you suggest some reading please?

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