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Headteacher appraisal

Discussion in 'Welcome lounge and forum help' started by zondacat, Oct 4, 2019.

  1. zondacat

    zondacat New commenter

    Having sat through the most horrendous performance review where the external advisor and govs managed to squeeze about 20 objectives into 3 "targets". I am wondering this...

    Is it reasonable for the headteacher's performance review meeting to take nearly 4 hours? Is there any recommendation on this?
  2. Rott Weiler

    Rott Weiler Star commenter Forum guide

    I've had a lot of experience of this from the other side of the table, as a Chair of Governors, and on the face of it that sounds like a remarkably inept bunch of governors and I'm surprised the EA wasn't more assertive. 4 hours! Unless there was a lot of arguing going on I can't imagine how it took so long. I don't think I've ever known it take more than an hour. But there are no rules or guidance saying how long it should take.

    The National Governance Association produces guidance on best practice for governors/academy trustees, attached.

    The DfE also produces guidance, in the form of a model policy, but frankly it says little of value for your situation


    There's not much you can do about how long it took, but if you think the objectives are unreasonable does your school Appraisal Policy allow for appeals against the Objectives? If not your general Grievance Procedure could be used to get your objectives reviewed by a different panel of governors. It might make matters worse though so I'd hesitate to recommend it. You'd risk damaging your day-to-day working relationship with governors only to find that the review governors knee-jerk reaction is to support the original governors, especially as the EA endorsed the objectives.

    Maybe work towards getting a new EA for next year? How long has current EA done it? When EAs were first introduced way back they could only be EA in one school for 3 years (I think) before governors had to change the EA. No longer a rule but you could promote it as good practice to secure a change of EA perhaps?

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  3. zondacat

    zondacat New commenter

    Thank you for your response. I just feel that I came out of the process feeling that I'd had very little say in what my new targets were. Despite exceeding my reviewed targets and having been through 2 successful Ofsted inspections in one year - (one was part of the pilot) the IA and governors were pretty negative and challenging. As a LLE I expressed an interest in becoming a NLE but the EA said I wasn't eligible because my school isn't yet outstanding - this isn't true!
    I'm just in a massive strop about it all but by Monday I will have calmed down.
  4. Rott Weiler

    Rott Weiler Star commenter Forum guide

    That was an EA going well beyond their remit!

    If you notice your LA is offering governor training on doing the HT's PM maybe a gentle hint....

    :D Have a good weekend

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