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Headed for Special Measures?

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by Lilybett, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. Bonjourno, fellow jobseekers. I know this is a bit of a stupid thing to ask you all, as you don't know the school and I don't think I should link to their OFSTED report, but I'm a little worried.
    I have now spent three solid days applying for jobs - the job ads pages last Friday were like all my Xmas came at once! [​IMG] So I've applied for all the good-sounding ones and now I'm onto one I'm really not sure about...
    First of all, there's no Person Spec, no job description, no nothing. I rang the council and they audibly shrugged so I rang the school and this rather aggressive-sounding woman (!) told me there's no info for candidates, all the available information is in the job advert. But, seriously, the job ad consists of a few vital stats and: 'The Governors of XYZ Primary School are seeking to appoint an enthusiastic teacher, on a 1 year temporary contract to start September 2011, to work in this caring school. The successful candidate will join a supportive team which is fully committed to raising standards.' . . .
    So, I thought, get researching the school's strengths and weaknesses so you can try to put together an application. First of all, they don't have a website. Then I found their OFSTED - gulp. Graded 4: Inadequate. Given a notice to improve. The inspectors re-visited a couple of months back and gave another hammering - "sorely lacking" was one phrase used. Ouch. So, it doesn't say they'll go into Special Measures, but might they?
    What's weird, is the '4' grade seems largely down to an incompetent Head, rubbish Governors and Child Protection problems. OFSTED (of course) go on and on because there was no child protection procedure, staff weren't trained, there was no system for reporting concerns, etc. The teaching isn't great - but largely satisfactory. And they said teachers would be able to do a better job if the Head didn't just "leave them to soldier on alone". It seems that the damning report is largely down to child protection concerns. And OMG if I was that Headteacher I'd just run for the hills - they absolutely crucify her! [​IMG]
    So, really, as an NQT my concern is: what would happen if the school went into Special Measures? Cos I thought S.M. schools can't employ NQTs? I know the school sounds pretty **** ha but applying for everything. [​IMG] xx

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