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Head teachers what is the protocol for a strike? I wasnt a head when we had the last one!

Discussion in 'Senior Leadership Team' started by baggyboo, Apr 1, 2008.

  1. baggyboo

    baggyboo New commenter

    It's OK to ask if they are staying away from school.You need to know also if anyone from another union is coming out in sympathy.

    It's fine to get cover, NUT members can stand at the gate and talk to people as they come in but cannot prevent them from entering premises. I think there might be a limit on how many can congregate in a picket?

    If they stay away from school they will not be paid, but you will have to inform payroll they were absent without leave. This is how you will be able to afford cover.

    If there is a clear H&S issue you might have to close the school.
  2. ASCL guidance is very useful.

    Your NUT rep/branch should inform you beforehand of staff will be involved. I have good relationships with union reps so will seek to find out tomorrow who will be taking industrial action. If more than about 15% of my staff take action (35% in NUT) I will have to close the school.

    Hope this is useful.
  3. You must ensure that any potential cover staff are informed that they are being asked to cover for striking colleagues as some of them, quite rightly, would not want to do this

    Also, other staff in school should not be expected to take over any teaching or other responsibilities of striking staff
  4. cornflake

    cornflake Senior commenter

    To add to that - I understand that TUC affiliated union members are specifically told NOT to cover for striking teachers. At least, this is what the NUT are claiming. Is this the case for real, or NUT rhetoric?
  5. It is always down to the individual and their beliefs/principles in this matter
  6. 5 | Posted by: cornflake at 01 Apr 2008 20:44

    To add to that - I understand that TUC affiliated union members are specifically told NOT to cover for striking teachers. At least, this is what the NUT are claiming. Is this the case for real, or NUT rhetoric?

    that is correct
  7. Thank you. You are all so helpful. I never realised that other union members were allowed to strike in sympathy.
    Keep me posted if you find anything else out. I`m off to check the NAHT site for further advice. But now I have spoken to you it seems straightforward.
  8. I never realised that other union members were allowed to strike in sympathy

    they are NOT allowed to strike in sympathy

    that is not what post 5 says
  9. but it is what Post 2 says.
  10. members of other unions CANNOT strike without having had a legal strike ballot
  11. so they cant come out in sympathy?
  12. They can, however, refuse to cross a picket line

    Can they not?
  13. The picket line only applies to those in the same union. For other members it simply doesn't exist.

    The headteacher can direct whoever he likes to cover the classes of those that are striking, but other unions often advise their members to refuse and any headteacher directing like this risks further action.

    Basically, it's a mess. The sooner the NUT realise that this will achieve nothing and the days of the militant unions making a real difference are gone, the better. Much more productive would be to organise concerted lobbying. But that implies a certain level of organisation...
  14. I thought that it was appropriate for members of other unions to refuse to cross a picket line, too - or am I still locked in the 80's?
  15. You cannot go out on strike in sympathy - this is the case also if you refuse to cross picket line. If it is not your union you go to work - end of story
  16. It is against the law to strike without a ballot. Staff, not in NUT, wishing to strike could join the NUT and strike. Other Unions should work their normal day. They should not cover the work of striking colleagues in other TUC affiliated unions. They should not cover lessons or duties normally undertaken by striking colleagues. Refusing to cross a picket line from another union is against the law, though. NUT Reps should inform management who is joining the strike and other Union Reps so there is no confusion. Management should undertake a risk assessment of how the strike effects the school, seek advice from LEA and if necessary close the school.

    P.S. I'm NASUWT Rep.
  17. What if 90% of your teaching staff is in the NUT? Is it really feasible to get in that much supply staff? If not, then what? Close school? You need governors' approval? So confusing!
  18. pomunder

    pomunder New commenter

    That bit about knowing WHO will be out on the day is, I believe, a piece of "politeness", i.e. sh*te. It's your job to be there on the day and see who fetches up. The striker may do as s/he pleases.

    Only in Godforsaken Oz are the unions so f*cked that they have, by law, to tell the names of those who will strike.
  19. gmf


    I was an NUT rep in the 18=980s when the last action took place. The NUT was the largest Union in the school then - approx. 50% of all staff. I always informed my Head in advance who would be on strike - and I had to check with all NUT members first as not all followed the strike. I am not at that school (or in the NUT) any longer, but would hope reps would offer similar information this time too.

    IMHO members of other Unions who refuse to cross a picket line could find themselves subject to disciplinary action for unauthorized absence....
  20. gmf


    Re: Post 20

    Whoops - should read '1980s'!

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