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head teacher declined flexible working hrs after maternity :(

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by MissJCG, Mar 19, 2010.

  1. Hiya
    I received a letter from my headteacher saying that my
    request for flexible working hrs has been declined
    :( He only wants me to go bak full time. What a nightmare i don't want
    to go back full time as i want to spend as much time as possible with
    baby :(
    I Rang payroll and they said that if i don't return i'll
    have to
    pay the omp that i received as i took that thinking i would return part
    time. I think that came to over 3,000! whats really annoying is that if
    i knew there was no way they'd have me part time i wouldn't have taken
    it and would have gone elsewhere for part time work after the maternity

    So now i don't know my options?!? very confused! Just
    wondered if you knew. I know i would have to return to work for at least
    13weeks to not pay bk the omp but i really don't want to have to return
    full time, if i pay the 3,000 can i just not return after maternity
    leave or do i still have to give a terms notice as a teacher? I think
    its so unfair
    they are basically saying you have two options; come bk full time or pay

    :( Any help would be great xxx

  2. Not sure if you have looked on here, but if not it might be of some help.

  3. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    Have you appealed the decision to the governors? You have a right to do that. My part time request was initially declined and I wrote back saying I was going to appeal, then the HT called me in for a meeting, and after that he agreed to let me go part time.
    When are you planning on going back? If you went back at the start of June for example, then I think June, July and August would count as your 13 weeks, and obviously you wouldn't be physically working 6 weeks of that time.
  4. I have contacted my union and are waiting to hear back to find out what my options are. What did you write in the appeal letter? im worried that if i appeal my head may be funny with me when i return :(
  5. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    If you PM me your e-mail address i'll send you a copy of the letter i wrote.
    Are you secondary or primary?
  6. You are totally in the right and they are TOTALLY breaking employment law there !!!! Until your child is 5 you have the RIGHT to demand Job-Share and your employer CANNOT deny your claim
  7. Oh yes they can! They must consider it but they can refuse it.
  8. Keep fighting!
    In this day and age they <u>cannot </u>come up with any good reasons that will stick as to why you shouldnt be allowed to job share! They will keep at it but if you keep going(and I know it will be difficult and stressful [​IMG]) I am sure you will win in the end.
    Some heads are just so short-sighted and cannot see the benefits of part time teachers which far outweigh the negatives! It makes my blood boil! I worked for one head who thought it was more important to have the same teacher's face there all the time no matter how rubbish the teacher was (and believe me....he had some rubbish staff in that school).
    I got out and when I had my baby, I returned to a management post part time on a three day basis. It works very very well for everyone concerned and I feel school are actually getting a good deal out of it as I feel like I do a 5 day job in 3 days. But because of the flexibility I am allowed I am happy to give maximum effort and this is how a good manager works!
    My friend is a Deputy Head and works a 4 day week and in my authority there is a HEADTEACHER jobshare! They got outstanding at their last Ofsted! If needs be you could look up these places and cite them as examples. What chance do they have when Headteachers are running a successful school on a job share basis?
    Please be aware that you are supported by many on here and keep going! Good luck
  9. paulie86

    paulie86 New commenter

    Definitly fight this. we are a middle school and have all sorts of combinations. Shared HOD jobs (one half is a full time teacherm other part time) Shared classes, shared forms and even shared sets. We seem to make it work. Can obviously be a pain and head has said he would have to think very hard about allowing any more. We have about 5 part time teachers in total out of a teaching staff of 20. a
  10. I hope you get somewhere..I've written my letter asking to go 4 days week as a HOD...I've even offered to sacrifice my PPA time...but it looks like to no avail...the union will back me all the way but I'll be lucky to get a reference if I go in all guns blazing....think you get more success with female heads. 2 people I know have got 3 or 4 days a week and are fully supported by their heads...who are female! Good Luck to everyone trying to juggle motherhood and teaching!
  11. Hi,
    So sorry to hear about the position you are in. I returned to work in January this year on flexible working arrangements, following a successful appeal.
    If I'm honest, my head was not happy, and has even expressed the fact she thinks I should take a few years off and stay at home rather than work part time. She is making life for me at my school as difficult as she can, by not allowing me to become involved in the things I did before I went off, on the premise of me being part-time. I'm looking for another job.
    Interestingly, I was told that if I secured another job within the borough (as all pay comes directly from them, and they would still be your employer), even if I worked as a teaching assistant, I wouldn't have to pay back the OMP. Could this be another option?
    Hope you get sorted, I know just how you feel!!

  12. Hi. Really need some advice r e. Flexible working. I am a deputy and have had my request refused. Don't really want to go to appeal but have to fight it for childcare reasons. My head has been really awkward and refuses to even try it for a trial period. Feel that it's personal now as our senior teacher has just gone down to 3 days! Did you say you knew of a deputy who does 4 days?
    Would be grateful of any support as I'm feeling really low about it all. Mat leave has been ruined.
  13. sjw2007

    sjw2007 New commenter

    Sorry to put a damper on this but don't want anyone to get their hopes up.
    I was refused and I appealed to governors with support from my union (who were fantastic) and it was still declined. I had to go back full time until I found another, part-time, post to avoid paying back any money. If you have appealed to governs and they say no you have nowhere else to go, my union said. The only possible option they said that I might have was to wait a year and to then request again along with a request under the freedom of information act how many requests had been made during the last 5 years, say, and how many requests had been granted. (There had been none) which might give me some ammunition. I didn't want to have to work full time for another year though so resigned.
    Good luck.
  14. hhhh

    hhhh Lead commenter

    Female heads are not always better. Sometimes worse,in the case of one I knew who had been such a workaholic her marriage broke, her kids hated her (and I taught one of them and she had real issues and would *** about her mum, obviously my boss! in lessons), and she was awful with mum teachers-or dads. Her attitude was, 'I lost my lifeto my job, if you want to work as well as have a kid so will you!'
  15. Hi,

    So sorry for all of you who have been refused. I know exactly how you feel. My request was declined (I knew it would be as I was told when pregnant "there's no way you can come back part time"). I went to appeal and through the grievance procedure. The reason given was lame and has actually ended up happening anyway with my ft timetable. Anyway, what I wanted to say was the process caused me so much stress and many tears and really put a downer on my maternity leave. Think long and hard- you know what your HT is like and if they will ever change their mind. If not look for another job (which I'm doing) or get pregnant again pronto...now I'm looking forward to that meeting!!

    Regarding paying OMP back I've been told that it is at the discretion of the HT and governors. Maybe a letter to them explaining why you are being forced to resign and that you are therefore unable to pay it back....of course if they would allow pt.....?

    Take care xx
  16. EBC

    EBC Occasional commenter

    Hello all,
    I have previously posted on this subject. My school also refused my part-time request, I wanted to persue it further but the HT was quite clear I had no chance so didn't even try. She did say however, that if I found another a job- part-time, she would waiver the notice period and I could leave. Long story...


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