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Head, shoulders, knees and toes in French?

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by jd77, Sep 24, 2007.

  1. Can anybody help me ....please?
  2. Can anybody help me ....please?
  3. Tête, épaules, genoux et pieds, genoux et pieds.

    Tête, épaules, genoux et pieds, genoux et pieds.

    La bouche, le nez, les yeux, les oreilles.

    Tête, épaules, genoux, et pieds,

    Genoux, et pieds.

    Some versions have it without the "et" in between genoux and pieds, but I suppose it depends the way you sing it!

  4. I've always sung it as "tête, épaules, genoux, orteils, genoux, orteils," bis, "les yeux, oreilles, la bouche et le nez, tête, épaules, genoux orteils, genoux, orteils", which should fit into the tune!
  5. lisilu

    lisilu Occasional commenter

  6. Oh yes! I've heard the middle line before as
    "les yeux, oreilles, la bouche et puis le nez"

    forgot about that version!
  7. Just in case it came across as critical - I posted my reply at the same time as sparkle's so hadn't seen his/hers! Both versions will fit!
  8. I'm in France and here they sing it with a slightly different tune and instead of the 'eyes and ears' etc part, they says 'fais un tour sur toi', so the kids turn around. I suppose that's not as helpful as learning parts of the face though! There are other verses too. You can probably find them on the internet.
  9. I have just been taught an excellent version by another teacher during inset. To the tune of heads, shoulders etc

    "Qu'est ce que tu as dans ta trousse, dans ta trousse?
    Qu'est ce que tu as dans ta trousse dans ta trousse
    J'ai (un stylo) et (une gomme)
    Qu'est ce que tu as dans ta trousse?"

    Repeat as necessary replacing items in brackets. Great fun.

    Also, to the tune of Postman Pat and his black and white cat....

    janvier, février
    mars avril mai juin juillet
    aout septembre octobre
    novembre décembre
    Voici tous les mois de l'an en français!

    Can't beat a bit of singing!!
  10. jog_on

    jog_on New commenter

    When I taught in France they sang the version on the second post without the "et" and it was to the same tune as the English one.
  11. I've got a slightly different version, on a CD I bought in France for my baby:

    "tete, epaule et genoux pieds, genoux pieds,
    tete, epaule et genoux pieds, genoux pieds,
    J'ai deux yeux, deux oreilles, un nez et puis une bouche
    tete, epaule et genoux pieds, genoux pieds

    and you take one off each time, obviouly, just like the english one.

    Lukum x
  12. jog_on

    jog_on New commenter

    That doesn't rhyme though!! I like the fact that ending with "le nez" rhymes with "pieds".

    Hehe! :)
  13. 1stviolin

    1stviolin New commenter

    I'm sure at my daughter's French club (and on the tape we listened to incessantly in the car) the first line was

    La tete, les epaules et les genoux, les doigts de pieds...
    (have to work hard to get all the extra syllables into the tune but it can be done)

    with the middle line
    Les yeux, le nez, la bouche, les oreilles
  14. I am exactly the opposite, Jog_on! :)
    I like the fact that it cuts the rhyme :)
    probably because that's the only version I have ever heard, even in my teaching practice school, so it's hard for me to get my ears used to something else.
    Plenty of version to choose from, that can only suit more people

    Lukum x
  15. avalonfr

    avalonfr New commenter

    I've just sung aloud this while reading your post - can't stop laughing! Will deffo do this with my class. Merci!
  16. We sing it

    Tête, épaules, jambe et pied, jambe et pied

    Tête, épaules, jambe et pied, jambe et pied

    Les yeux, l?oreille, la bouche et le nez

    Tête, épaules, jambe et pied, jambe et pied

    Which is technically head, shoulders, leg and foot but works rhythmically
  17. You can hear my version here (it's on the audioplayer at the bottom of the page): www.lingotot.com
  18. La tete, les epaules et les genoux, les doigts-de-pied x2

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