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Head of Year to Head of House

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by benworcs, Feb 11, 2020.

  1. benworcs

    benworcs New commenter

    Hi all

    Our school is moving from horizontal forms with Heads of Year to vertical forms with Heads of House.

    Currently I am a Head of Year managing 180 students, 6 Form Tutors and an Assistant Head of Year.

    All 5 Heads of Year and the 5 Assistant Heads of Year have had their roles made redundant and all 10 of us have been put into a 'pool' from which 4 of us will be 'selected' to be Head of House.

    The Head of House role appears very different. It involves managing c.240 students, 12 tutors and one Pastoral Assistant (a non-teaching position).

    Most of the Heads of Year feel that the Head of House role is different and bigger than being a Head of Year. The JD runs to 3 pages (Head of Year JD is one page) and has lots of new things on it.

    For this reason some Heads of Year are considering not applying to be selected from the pool. However, SLT have told the union that unless we apply for the new role of Head of House, we cannot be eligible for the 3 years of pay safeguarding which results from our original pastoral role being made redundant.

    Does this seem legally sound? The HoH role is very different to the HoY role so how can they coerce us to apply for it in order to secure our protected pay?

    Any advice appreciated. Union to be involved asap.

    Thank you

  2. Piranha

    Piranha Star commenter

    I think your union is best placed to help you. It certainly is true, under STPCD, that you can be told to do equivalent duties to your redundant role to get the safeguarded payments, and proving that the new job is not equivalent might prove difficult. The length of the JD is not always a good guide to how much work is involved. And even if you apply and fail, they could give you other duties. It might make sense for some of those who don't get the new jobs to help with the transition. I think the school is asking too much, but really you need your union to act for all of you.

    You might consider going for one of the new roles and then looking for another job, as a practical way through it.

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