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Head of Year/RSL job - but what does this mean??

Discussion in 'Career clinic' started by Jellybean16, May 20, 2018.

  1. Jellybean16

    Jellybean16 New commenter

    I'm considering applying for a Head of Year job that has come up in school (mostly for the experience, doubt I'd get it) but I cannot get my head around this sentence:

    "How you would develop a 'GRIT' approach to academic support from outside the curriculum."

    In my letter of application I'm supposed to say how I'd do the above, but I can't decipher whether 'GRIT' is a genuine acronym (deputy head suggested it was, but googling turns up NOTHING) or a gross misuse of the English language. Any ideas?
  2. border_walker

    border_walker Lead commenter

    "Grit (personality trait) ... Grit in psychology is a positive, non-cognitive trait based on an individual's perseverance of effort combined with the passion for a particular long-term goal or end state (a powerful motivation to achieve an objective)."
  3. 50sman

    50sman Lead commenter

  4. sparkleghirl

    sparkleghirl Star commenter

  5. Jellybean16

    Jellybean16 New commenter

  6. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

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