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Head of RE workload

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by harlequin24, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. harlequin24

    harlequin24 New commenter

    I'm interested to hear about the workload of other Heads of Dept, because I'm struggling with mine.
    As Head of RE in a Catholic school I have 5 KS4 classes (meaning a heavy marking load). We don't have a chaplain, so I have to organise all the liturgical stuff and retreat programmes myself. I'm also responsible for PHSE and have a KS4 form group. The standard allocation of non-contact in the school is 3 hours, and as Head of Dept get one additional hour each week.
    How does this compare to other people? Does this sound reasonable?
  2. I teach 19 out of 25 and one of those is a study period that I supervise.
    I have 7 hours of GCSE time.
    We have a chaplain who does the services but before we had him I used to do all of that too.
    I also have a department of non specialists so all lesson plans and resources are created in detail for them.
  3. ramaduds

    ramaduds New commenter

    In a non-denominational school, where all pupils are entered into either the full or short course - myself having 7 KS4 classes, 19/25 directed hours, sharing no additional or PPA sessions with anyone else in my faculty, having 9 non-specialist teachers across all year groups, one other specialist in my subject, also having to teach non-specialist subjects myself, and also head of Citienship which as of next year is running as a GCSE.
  4. Yes that sounds totally normal. Over the 11 years I have been HOD the pressure / work load has increased. I work 4 days as Head of RE in an inner city comprehensive. I teach 20 out of 24 and have one less free this year as does every one in the school. I teach History, Humanities GCSE to year 9 in one year, Equality and Diversity and RE. I only have one GCSE class but the E and D is a massive work load as it is continual assessment and endless marking and moderation.For the Hums GCSE the work load is immense as they need so much guidance and help as they are Year 9 doing 6 hours of GCSE a week with controlled assessment. I also have non specialists to provide work for. Yes I work 4 days a week but I have to compensate for this and I have a 2 young children on top of the work load so need to keep the weekend days free so work very long late nights .... thats the norm from what I understand from others at my school. The holidays are the incentive for me.
  5. I'm a HoD in suburban school of approx 1250 students. I teach 22 out of 25 lessons having 'volunteered' to teach a twilight GCSE group without any additional time.
    In total I have 2 A level groups (Yr 13 and yr 12); 2 yr 11 groups (a FC and SC), same with yr 10, plus a wide selection of KS3. This is the 1st year I haven't taught any other Humanities subject, but also have responsibility in other areas across the school and am a PGCE mentor. Within my teaching team I have specialists and non-specialists (this is the 2nd yr I don't have non-specialists teaching Full Course GCSE since being in the job 6 years) teaching across KS3 and 4 which means I need to have all SOW, lesson plans and resources ready for them.
    On top of that the SLT have decided we need to rewrite lesson plans, include specific PELTS, Literacy Objectives, SEAL criteria etc etc - so there goes a lot of my summer holidays. Like jessiejump, I have 2 young children and do the childcare until they are in bed, so long working nights for me too!
    It is a hell of a lot of work and I do, from Jan until the exams are over feel like a sinking ship but the engagement I get with the students is worth it. With all the changes Gove is bringing in though to GCSE, potentially A levels, new curriculums etc I can see it only getting worse!
  6. Deirds

    Deirds Senior commenter

    You should maybe ask within your school. What are the Heads of English,Science and Maths expected to teach? In a state school RE is 5% of time (in theory, just as it's theoretically 10% time in RC schools). I am out of step with salary scales these days but in old money (so to speak)
    State school Head of RE B allowance (on a par with 2nd in dept in RC school)
    RC School Head of RE D allowance
  7. harlequin24

    harlequin24 New commenter

    Thanks for the replies. Depressing stuff. I'm always humbled by the great sacrifices people make to their personal life for the sake of the profession. Whilst I love working with the pupils, I've decided it's time to call it a day and move on to something else.
    Good luck to you all. It's reassuring that our young people are served by such dedicated professionals.
  8. I teach in a school and manage 7 non-specialists. In the past two years I have re-written all 8 sow for the GCSE and write 6 new ones from scratch for KS3. I teach 19/25 as well as being "given" a Y9 history class (not resourced). I have noticed over the past two years that the work load has increased as well as non-contacts being swallowed up by meetings. I would love to be able to get back to actual teaching and engaging with the students. Gloomy stuff indeed although i'm sure it will all change when the next bunch of *** gets in to power.
  9. durgamata

    durgamata Occasional commenter

    They will change but in what way? Did you ever hear of a work load going down?
    I am starting to think myself lucky for being out of work!!! Do remember I am now offering my services as a consultant and happy to support you all in any way I can. As long as you can help with travel expenses I can come in free at least for the first few days. That's because it matters more to be able to give my beloved colleagues support at this time than to make money. I know schools are not giving RE the priority so your budgets will be stretched. I want to put a smile on faces, not add pressure! So do send me a pm and see what I can do for your department.

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