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Head of ICT Interview

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by DCFC, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. Hi I have an interview next week. Anyone had any tricky questions? Are there any Heads of ICT that have the questions they were asked? or any general help. Thanks
  2. Hi I have an interview next week. Anyone had any tricky questions? Are there any Heads of ICT that have the questions they were asked? or any general help. Thanks
  3. Head of ICT Faculty here, I'll just start off with my experiences which are both common and uncommon - I'll let others fill in their thoughts on each!
    1. Welcome meeting with Head
    2. Look around the school
    3. Meeting with current HoD
    4. Deliver the Lesson
    5. Technical Interview with Network Manager
    6. Meeting with Head, Deputy & Governor.

    Expect questions on management issues (obviously) including staff, resolving conflict, ethos, leadership, assessment, organisation etc. Your vision for department.
    The technical interview was the NM firing questions on R1C1 referencing, first normalized form, SCORM, protocols etc but this is by no means the norm!
    Read up about the school obviously and plan as you have previous interviews, hope that helps!!
  4. DEmsley

    DEmsley New commenter

    @jweb2k - odd that you would have tech questions for what is a management/teaching role.
    As above really - this is a HoD role expect question on staff management. How to support and how to lead. How do you deal with a member of staff whose classes underperform constantly?
    What's the difference between managing and leading?
    Effective Monitoring of students across the dept. Strategies and mechanisms.
    Early warning signs of under-performance.
    One I've had "Given a clean slate and a fresh start what would consititute the ideal ICT curriculum and why?"
    Again one from mypast experience something like: You will have members of SLT in your department. How do you ensure they deliver the goods?
    How do you allocate the setted classes? Who gets 9Z9 on Friday last period?
    Does the department have to "employ" conscripts from other areas? How will you support those?
    Are you line-managing the tech support as part of this role? If so consider effective deployment strategies for this resource.
    I'd eceho the reading bit - Ofsted and results are key but other stuff - especially if the head/chair of govs has a blog - ensure you've read those.
  5. DEmsley, I should have pointed out the post was for Head of E-Learning too, running and fixing Moodle! (I can feel the shudders coming from some of you already...)

    Good luck though!

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