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Head of History interview

Discussion in 'Heads of department' started by johnnyross05, Apr 22, 2017.

  1. johnnyross05

    johnnyross05 New commenter

    I have been a classroom teacher for 12 years and feel like it is time to make the step up to middle management. I feel like I am ready to lead a department. My only problem is when I have went for Head of department positions in the past although I consistently have been told I do well in the interview and teach the best lesson, the other tasks they like to throw in have let me down. One of these is the data analysis aspect and the group tasks. Any advice on how to tackle these would be greatly recieved. I have an impending interview which itenary has once agin put in two "tasks" as well as an interview and the standard 35 minute lesson. I have planned my lesson and am preparing for the interview but worried about the "tasks" and would not like to fall at these hurdles again.

    Kind regards
  2. lizziescat

    lizziescat Star commenter

    Sadly I'm too out of touch to offer advice for the interview but good luck with it.
    If you are not successful this time, I would suggest asking for training on and/or involvement with data analysis in your present school, perhaps assisting your HoD with analysis of departmental and school data.
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  3. Trendy Art

    Trendy Art Star commenter

    The key thing with data is to identify groups of students that are underachieving and what you will do as HOD to close attainment gaps.

    You are confident in teaching and getting good results with your classes. As a teacher, consider what you do with them. e.g. you look at students who underachieve and you take appropriate actions to increase their progress.

    As a HOD, you need to do that not only for your classes, but all groups. So usually you can be given a spreadsheet of student data. You should:
    • Analyse the data - look at the student's current grades and compare them against their targets
    • Write down + = - next to the student to indicate if they are above, in line or below their targets
    • With this, identify groups that are achieving or underachieving by counting them
    • e.g. Boys Vs Girls, SEN Vs Non-SEN, Pupil Premium Vs Non-PP, etc.
    • Is Progress 8 positive or negative of the student?
    • Summarise the headlines: e.g. A*-C %, A*-D %, so you can convert the D to C
    If the "groups" are unfamiliar, then research on the net or talk to a friend/colleague who's already a HOD and ask them to show you. Bring it up in your performance management meeting that you would like this as part of your professional development.

    Be clear about the issues the data raises. What actions will you take? What impact do you expect it to have?

    Here is an example of how I have action planned in the past when I was a HOD using data:


    • x Boys outperformed by y girls
    • x Pupil Premium students underachieving
    • x/y G&T students are below target
    • Student x is underachieving due to poor behaviour

    • Department to observe and share practice in other lessons where boys make good progress. Talk to boys in learning walk about what they enjoy in lessons. Plan into schemes of work
    • Discuss with PP coordinator about funding for activity e.g. trip, laptop access, etc
    • Plan lessons with clear differentiation for more able using higher order questioning
    • Teacher of student x meets with parents and draws up behaviour contract and sets targets for school and home

    • Gap narrows between boys and girls by next half term. Feedback from student voice indicates improved motivation. Schemes of work show wider range of strategies for boys
    • PP students increase in progress to xx% A*-C by next half term
    • Lesson observations/learning walks indicate more able are being targeted in next two weeks
    • Behaviour of student x improves. Progress increases from D-->C
    Data tasks are about your ability to analyse the trends, have simple actions for your team to carry out and evaluate the impact by the next time.

    Practise making an action plan with your own class data. By doing this you can transfer the skills to a whole cohort doing your subject as HOD.

    I hope this provides some insight for you.
    Last edited: Apr 22, 2017
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