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Head of faculty not given `Director' role and the Directors are paid more

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by oldskool71, Sep 8, 2015.

  1. oldskool71

    oldskool71 New commenter

    Hi I work at a large secondary school as a Head of Humanities the school is structured on a faculty basis.

    Humanities at my school is a large faculty and all students at KS4 study RS and then History or Geography.

    Until recently the Head of faculty roles were equal and equal TLR, however new Heads of English and Science posts were advertised recently and the school had trouble recruiting good replacements, so the jobs were advertised as `Director' posts with laptops instead and I believe other perks, and appointments were then made.

    At the start of the term the Head of Maths who has been in post for some time was also upgraded to Director.

    I had thought this was all `ceremonial' but I have now found out that these Director roles mean the individuals are being paid more! Am I right to feel aggrieved that my role is not also being upgraded given the importance of Hums in the school? Can I do anything about it?

  2. Malaguena

    Malaguena New commenter

    Schools can do what they like. Supply and demand is working in your school. They have trouble recruiting for those posts ( and head of maths might walk if not offered the same, good maths teachers are hard to find ), equals more enticements to get them in / stop them walking. A school I knew paid their head of RE/ citizenship (which the whole school did) about half the TLR of the head of an option subject (which four classes did). Not fair either.
  3. Rott Weiler

    Rott Weiler Star commenter Forum guide

    Is this an academy? Do you use STPCD, and if so are these TLRs? ie HoFs for En Ma Sc have a higher TLR than other HoFs?

    Whether they've gone about it in a procedurally correct way I can't say but there's nothing wrong with the principle that some HoFs have a higher TLR. En and Ma HoFs have higher TLRs at my school, and I can see that you might apply the same to Sc if it's hard to recruit in your area.

    There's no entitlement or expectation, legally or in principle, that all HoFs have to be paid the same.

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