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Head of Dept. application letter

Discussion in 'Professional development' started by gomma, Mar 5, 2005.

  1. could i please have a copy of you covering letter as i am also applying for 2ic of science thanks
  2. Hello I am looking to apply for the HOD role in my school and was wondering if anyone has any templates for the letter of application, its for a PE job but any role would be a great start for me
    please help thanks
    e-mail address is garryclark5@aol.com
  3. pleaselpease can i have a copy?
  4. please can you be kind enough to send me a copy of your standars application letter for head of year?
    thanks millions
  5. Could I also have a copy of general Head of Year letter please??
    Many thanks
  6. I have the opportuntity to apply for a HOD post within my current school and would be grateful for any advice and/or template application letter. Thanks in anticipation.
  7. With regard to my previous posting, No71: Any advice or template HOD application letters can be posted to my E-Mail address : artinsed1@yahoo.co.uk. Thanks again
  8. Any chance you are still sending out copies of your letter of application?! Would really love a copy
  9. Hi! - I realise that you have had loads of requests for letters but could I please have a copy of the letters as well? I would be really grateful!!

  10. Colleen_Young

    Colleen_Young Occasional commenter

    Have all you recent posters read this thread, noted the comments and checked the dates? Post 70 was June 2005.
  11. Please can you send me copies of your application form i would be really greatful - have to apply for HOD in my school this week and really struggling with my form.Thankyou so much - sorry for being cheeky!
  12. jetbur

    jetbur New commenter

    You poor thing your fingers must be so tired. Can you please send a copy to me as well.

    Many Thanks

  13. Hi everyone i appreciate that writing a head of departments letter is really difficult cause i'm really trying to get my head round the one i'm TRYING to write please can someone take pity on me and email me one or give me some tips and advice i would be forever grateful. Or do you know of a place i can get a template from to help me or useful website.
    My email address is linzi66@fsmail.net
  14. If everyone is using the same template, isn't it going to look a bit suspicious when all the clones appear in the same shortlisting meeting?
  15. Hmmmm all very interesting, well actually its not that interesting. Is one of the challenges we face as HODs in the years ahead to make the teaching of mathematics creative and dynamic? How can HODs do that if they are not prepared to be creative and write their own letters.
    I am fortuante enough to have been promoted from within my own school, but the letter I wrote got me the interview at two other schools before the Head offered me the position I really wanted. Key point being that at each interview the Head of the school made a point of mentioning that it was the very different nature of my letter that got me the interview. Be creative, be yourself in the letter, dont plagarise or copy someone elses letter, even parts of it. They want to see what you are like and not what someone else can write.
  16. medieval

    medieval New commenter

    Instead of ripping off someone else's letter here's some advice:

    -be clear how your experience fits the position
    -make sure you read the info sent to you very carefully and make your application personal to the position and the school's circumstances
    -set out what plans you would have to improve the department
    -Talk up any relevant management experience (I was in charge of ITT before becoming HOD)

    And remember that the application letter is only the first step. The actual interview is far more important.

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