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Head of Department Interview

Discussion in 'Music' started by music27, Jan 26, 2011.

  1. I have my first head of department interview next week. EEK!

    Any advice would be much appreciated.
  2. I have my first head of department interview next week. EEK!

    Any advice would be much appreciated.
  3. YesMrBronson

    YesMrBronson New commenter

    After your interview you should head straight for the staff room.
    Once there, locate the fridge and proceed to remove anything that takes
    your fancy - sandwiches, yoghurts etc. Try to find foods that have been
    labelled by staff e.g. "Maureen's prawn salad". If you take milk for
    coffee (which should also be around somewhere) then make sure you leave
    it out of the fridge and chuck the lid in the bin.

    Next you
    should find the most comfortable chair in the room in which to consume
    your food stuffs. Even after you've finished eating, ensure that you
    stay in the comfy chair throughout break. Remain oblivious to any
    "ahem"s or mutterings along the lines of "who does he think he is?!".
    You'll find this easier if you can occupy yourself with a newspaper or
    magazine which you could probably find under a chair somewhere. Perhaps
    you ought to take a copy of “Nuts” with you just in case.

    break take the Head at his word and wander the school for a couple of
    hours entering and leaving classrooms. Don't speak to the teachers (who
    will be busy obviously). Instead, chat to the kids about such subjects
    as football, last night's TV, and who is the most attractive one out of
    Girls Aloud.

    In the unlikely event that you should find yourself
    in a classroom where the kids are actually on task working then take the
    opportunity to phone an old friend on your mobile and have that
    conversation you've been meaning to have for ages. If it's a really long
    conversation then you may wish to rest your arm and put your mobile on

    Find yourself in a cold classroom? - Have a fag.

    classroom? - Take your shirt off and fan yourself with an exercise

    If you should run into another candidate try farting loudly
    in front of other teachers or pupils and then blame the other
    candidate. Don't forget to lift your jumper over your nose at this

    At the end of the day go home without thanking anyone and
    reverse your car into the Head's car (this is especially satisfying if
    it's a better motor than yours).

    After all that the only thing
    left to do when you get in is sit back and wait for the phone to ring
    with the job offer.

    At which point demand more pay
    and 4 days of “compassionate leave” to go to Glastonbury.
  4. mzuzu

    mzuzu New commenter

    Have you considered that a Saturday morning in the local macdo might just earn as much extra and be far less work?
  5. florian gassmann

    florian gassmann Star commenter

    A vague idea of the type of school might help. Going for the currently vacant job at Eton would need rather different advice from that for a job at Notice-to-Improve Comprehensive.
  6. Research the school and try to suss out where they are coming from and what their expectations are. Study the job description carefully, especially if you have applied for more than one HoD post. You need to make sure that you are on the wave length of the right school!
    Some questions I have heard from both sides of the panel:
    What are your strengths? (chance to shine and bubble - modestly of course!)
    Describe something at which you have been less successful and tell us what steps you have taken to improve in this area. (self awareness)
    How would you raise the achievement of boys/girls in music? (engagement)
    How would you cater for a dyslexic/EAL student in your classroom? (inclusion)
    What if a student did not follow your instruction to stop talking and listen? (discipline)
    How might music contribute to... (interviewer names a whole school initiative)
    Watch our for the governor on the interviewing panel. They often like to throw in an obscure question at the end to see how you field it. One I heard was 'Which CD would you choose to take to a desert island and why?'
    Don't forget that the interview can also be a place for you to ask questions and you are often asked if you want to ask anything at the end. This may not be the time to try to negotiate for a purpose built music suite but mentioning scope for improvements to the existing accommodation (if appropriate) may show that you are thinking about how you might use the space...
    Hope this helps.
  7. "the currently vacant job at Eton "

    Tim Johnson from Westminster I think you''l find....vacancy there now of course.
  8. Well, what me got my Head of Dept jobs was:
    • Whatever it is they isk if you can do, jsut say "yes, that's fine, I've had lots of experience doing that". For example:
    "We need someone t take forward the use of ICT in music." You answer: "Well I've been using music ICT my whole career and in my previous jobs have taken on the role of . . . . etc".
    it doesn't matter what it is . . . "we need someone with excellent keyboard skllls." - "Yep, I've got grade 12".
    "have you had experience of taking orchestras and choirs?" - "Well, I haven't taken that many, but that's because I spent too much time helping Simon Rattle with his technique".
    "We are looking for a candidate who can diffuse confrontation in the classroom." "Yes, last year I gave a master class to Koffi Annan, and Tony Blair has asked me to get over to Isreal next week to sort them out! - pha, he's so needy!" (conspritorial chuckle)
    "We were hoping for someone who could walk on water!" "Well, I have been told that I work miracles." "No, it's not that, it's just that the music room has a leaky roof."
    Get the picture.
    Got me where I am today . . . fired!

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