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Head of department interview advice please!

Discussion in 'Heads of department' started by jennye55, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. jennye55

    jennye55 New commenter

    I've got an interview for a Head of English (secondary 11-16) post. Just wondering whether anyone could give me some guidance as to what type of questions may be asked?
  2. Hi
    1. If you were appointed, what would you bring to the department after: a week; a term; a year?
    2. Describe a time something didn't go as planned/expected. What did you learn, and how would you address it next time?
    3. Being a Head of English is a job that demands high organisation skills. Explain how you manage to "keep on top" of work.
    4. How would you monitor and improve the attainment of particular groups of students (e.g. FSM, boys.)
    5. How would you manage the timetable and what would influence your decisions when selecting which staff should be given which groups.
    6. A member of your department tells you s/he is struggling with a particular class. How would you support them? What would you do if your support wasn't working?
    7. A member of your department is complaining about a new unit of work you have introduced. How would you deal with this?
    8. A parent complains about a newly-qualified teacher in your department. How would you address the complaint and describe how you would deal with the member of staff concerned.
    9. Describe a time a student has challenged your authority in the classroom. How did you deal with it?
    10. How would you make the English department an outstanding one?
    11. Explain how you would delegate and organise roles in the English department.
    12. How would you promote reading in the school and particularly for boys.
    13. How would you establish cross curricular links with other departments.
    14. What sort of extra curricular activities would you be able to bring to this post?
    15. A child expresses a desire to tell you something in confidence: how do you deal with this?
    Good luck.
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  3. jennye55

    jennye55 New commenter

    Wow! Thank you! Now all I need to do is to work out my answers. Thanks again.
  4. Excellent. Much appreciated.
  5. TheoGriff

    TheoGriff Star commenter

    CP questions are HERE
    General interview advice is HERE
    In particular, instead of learning off answers to possible questions (which may never get asked . . . ) you could follow the suggestion from Middlemarch in her post on this thread HERE
    Bump the threads once read, for other people to see.
    Best wishes
    Meet Theo on line on the TES JobSeekers Forum, every week in print in the TES magazine, or in person at one of the TES Careers Advice Service seminars or individual consultations

  6. slatif5

    slatif5 New commenter

    Hi guys,

    I have got an interview next week for the Head of Science post, any advice for the data task and interview questions???
  7. bookfriend

    bookfriend New commenter

    Is it possible at all to renew these links? Not sure if it's just my computer, but when I click on them, they just lead to the TES community dashboard.... Thanks in advance!
  8. border_walker

    border_walker Established commenter

    Theo nolonger posts on here. Many (most) of her resources nolonger exist on here. She has written some books for new teachers, but not sure how you get them.
  9. usernameIcanremember

    usernameIcanremember New commenter

    If anyone figures out how to get these resources please post here
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  10. firstpoet

    firstpoet New commenter

    Retired after 40 years, 20 as a HoD in different schools. For what it’s worth: think through some answers but don’t parrot them. You will come across as glib. Your personality IS you- they might want someone bubbly or someone dour. You won’t know- it’s how you’ll fit their Dept: do they need a ‘chair’ role because the Dept is competent and strong or a directive leader to shift things along? Use your radar. I’ve interviewed a lot. We English teachers talk too much don’t we! Don’t ramble, qualifying every answer. You will come across as vacillating. Ofsted (finally) focus on excitement and real learning vs exam dunning. Is the school gradgrindian because results are shaky? That’s a tricky one. Think about effective ways of doing Special Needs. You won’t know the SEN co-ordinator but frequently there’s not enough liaison (but for god’s sake don’t imply blame about someone you’ve never met!)

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