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Head of Department Dubai

Discussion in 'Teaching overseas' started by Kurly, Feb 19, 2012.

  1. Kurly

    Kurly New commenter

    Hi have an offer for £2500 accom/health/flights...what do you think? I have 16 years experience. Thanks!
  2. ian60

    ian60 New commenter

    I am HoD in Muscat (not UAE, but comparable), I don't get OMR 2000 (the apporox equivalent of the figure quoted above.)
    And I think I am in a good school.
  3. gulfgolf

    gulfgolf Established commenter

    I also think 20 is too much to expect.15 is not bad. You might do a little better, but don't hold your breath for 20. And in the current market, schools might not be negotiating.
  4. Hi Kurly,

    Was offered exactly the same package (GBP 2,500 per month plus accommodation/health/flights) at some point three years ago as a simple teacher. But not in Dubai (another ME country, less flashy).

  5. Kurly

    Kurly New commenter

    Gosh it really is a bit of an open market isn't it...oh dear the years of pay scales look over. Guess I need to get into how to promote myself and push a bit!
  6. Hi

    I was Deputy Head of Department at a school in Dubai and was on 20,000 Dirhams, had a lovely huge, 2 bedroom, apartment near the Mazaya Centre, utilities paid, free flights, worldwide medical insurance, free lunch at school. I was told it was the best package in Dubai and possibly the ME However, you earned your money and the workload was pretty tough and the day was bloody long compared to being a Head of Department in a top notch selective school in the UK. Excellent school though! I have just been offered a position in Abu Dhabi for main scale teacher - 15800 Dirhams a year, one bedroom apartment, but no utilities paid for, medical insurance and return annual flights.

    I would say whilst is isn't the best salary,I think it is still a good salary and you can't be to choosey in this day and age. It could lead to other things too. Go for it!
  7. gulfgolf

    gulfgolf Established commenter

    Salary scales still exist, but each school has their own. They are each independent entities (or most are, anyway), so they make their own scales.
    Within those scales, some are willing to negotiate, some aren't.
  8. Kurly

    Kurly New commenter

    Gosh I am amazed how helpful this process has been - thank you - all of you for your replies. Kurly.

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