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Head of Department and Data

Discussion in 'Heads of department' started by maths2k, Jul 8, 2011.

  1. Hello
    I just wondered if there is any guidance on what responsibilities a Head of Department has with respect to data.
    I am currently looking at teacher assessments for years 7 to 9. Looking at gender differences, free school meals, ethnicity, projected levels, etc. Should head of departments be doing this type of analysis or do others do it for them and then they act on it?
    Any links regarding this would be great or just your general views on this matter.
    I am not a head of department but I have a keen interest in school data.

  2. hi - I would like to bump this up as well. This is happening at our school. some of us HODs haven't a clue how to use the programming on SIMs. we have to print the details out and then start analysing the data etc. should this not at least be printed out for us or sent the data showing - free school meals etc?
  3. As a HOD it is your responsibility to analyse your departments data and justify the outcomes. In our school we have a data officer but they are only there to ensure that data has been inputted and to create marksheets.

    The best thing that I can advise is to talk to your line manager (hopefully this is a member of SLT) for guidance and the schools policy.
  4. This is a very good question, especially with the new inspection focus on teaching, achievement, leadership and behaviour. We had a session on this recently and one conclusion was that how you use data is now much more important than before.
    I think the answer must be that you need evidence of all those things. Think what you would say if an inspector asked you about your leadership, or pupil progress, or about the teaching in your department. Ofsted will be looking for a judgment on middle leadership so it is important what you say.
    So I think HODs need to be up on their use of data and know what it is telling them. It is important to show them what you have done about what you have found out from the data, particularly what you are doing about differences between groups like gender FSM etc.
    The big change is for teaching where you will need to have a view about the quality of teaching in your subject. You need to make sure you are involved in observations and can talk about how you have used CPD resources to support the teaching of your subject.
    The question to ask is what difference so you make as a head of subject. If this is hard to answer then you probably have more to do.


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