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Hazards or Ecosystems under Stress

Discussion in 'Geography' started by captain2432, Feb 14, 2020.


Hazards or Ecosystems - Which is better

  1. Hazards

  2. Ecosystems under Stress

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  1. captain2432

    captain2432 New commenter

    The new Head of Department wants feedback about which of these 2 topics that we would be teaching from September. We have been teaching hazards previously, however she is very confident that ecosystems is easier for teachers and students. I would be happy to teach both so I just wanted to see what you thought about which topic better for AQA A-Level Geography.
  2. freckle06

    freckle06 Lead commenter

    I’d have thought hazards would be more appealing to the children. I studied ecosystems at A level and hated it. It never made any sense (no idea why not having taught it, but no internet and but a brilliant teacher!) so I just ignored those questions. What did the children do well at? If it ain’t broke, done fix it.
  3. captain2432

    captain2432 New commenter

    At GCSE, most of our kids tend to do slightly better at The Living World topic but do seem to be more interested in Hazards but none of them seem to hate either topic (apart from the ones that just hate everything).

    In Hazards, the case study questions are normally answered better with the theory of hazards being harder for them to understand.

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