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HAYS new online training programme....

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by pedigree, Aug 10, 2010.

  1. does anybody have a link to the site where this is done, i got sent a repeat email after getting a telling off for not doing it. she sent me my user name and passwordbut no address to go to.
  2. HAYS have shut down that part of the website last month! Your "consultant" should have known that?????????????????????????????????
  3. Sewerrat

    Sewerrat New commenter

    I got the email abou this test yesterday. As I had the afternoon free had a go at absorbing the info (printing it off as I went). Hays says it takes an hour and a half to read through and 20 minutes for the test (which I found about right). Had a go at the test and passed first time. I don't really see it as a problem, it's another thing to add to an application form - even though I attended a similar course a year ago.

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