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HAYS new online training programme....

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by pedigree, Aug 10, 2010.

  1. Child protection issues, safeguarding, roles and responsibilities!
    I've just been emailed the new HAYS EDUCATION online training programme cosisting of 4 mandatory modules to be completed by this September e.g. "Safeguarding of children and young people", "roles and responsibilities and so on. [​IMG]
    Has anyone else received emails about this?
    Has anyone actually started the course?

    Any comments would be appreciated?
    Are other agencies using the same/different material?
    Is there an agenda here?
  2. JAFF23

    JAFF23 Occasional commenter

    I also work for Hays bt have not (as yet) been sent such an email. where are you based? If I get sent one, really don't think I will fill it in as there are loads of other good agencies out there. Why after all this time of working for them (mine will be 9 years) and when you are a proven good teacher would you need to fill this in?
  3. Down here in Devon. The email was sent to me by a HAYS education consultant with a a link to the HAYS main website. They forewarned their temporary workers about the online programme about two weeks ago.
    HAYS seem serious about having to complete all 4 modules online by September? There are many documents to read and I haven't started e.g. "Every Child Matters" , the Chilldren's ACT (2004) etc etc [​IMG]
    Seems like lots of reading and tests to get the pdf certificate of "accreditation"?
  4. JAFF23

    JAFF23 Occasional commenter

    I'm based in south yorks/derbyshire and have not been informed of this as yet-very worrying-do you really have time to read and fill in all those things and what if you do not answer satisfactory ie like the major firms eg KFC where my son recently applied and if you don't give the right answers,they do not proceed with your application. ridiculous!!!
    may as well get (dare I say it) 'a proper job!' lol like my family keep telling me to do!!!

    all the best if you decide to proceed

  5. satnav

    satnav New commenter

    I work for Hays in Deryshire, I got the email about a week ago but as yet not got round to acting on it. If we fail to undertake the training or just fail it does that mean Hays will drop us. To be honest if Hays did threaten to terminate my contract I would be delighted especially if it meant I could revert to being a free agent and get paid the going rate for the job.

    I was in a school earlier in the year and two days before Ofted arrived I was given loads of documents on child protection and asked to sign a piece of paper to say I'd read and understood the documents, presumably that was the schools idea of training.
  6. historygrump

    historygrump Star commenter Forum guide

    It is daft, in that as teachers I would presume that we all know how to ensure the safety of the children in the school. Is the course designed for the unqualified staff now being recruited and who have no idea about student safety?
  7. The modules are Safeguarding Children, Roles and Responsibilities, Health & Safety and E-Safety.
    All have associated wordy and original pdf files! One wonders whether HAYS in my part of the world are using the course results as a selection tool? HAYS has actually made all the leglislation available as pdf files. A lot of paper to down load...and to read![​IMG]
    Have some HAYS staff been "preselected" as guineapigs before the mass roll out or are they trying to get rid of people?

  8. supplybychoice

    supplybychoice New commenter

    I got the email and did the course and passed the online test at the second attempt and printed off the certificate.

    It took me 30 minutes tops. You can gave a go at the test after a quick flick through the documents.
  9. Hurrah! I just did the online test and achieved 93.33% ! Should have got 100% but unfortunately read an option in the MCQ incorrectly.
    Tip: obtain printouts...unless you can memorise stats easily!

  10. satnav

    satnav New commenter

    I got a call from my agent today asking me to complete the training as soon as possible so that I could get a nice shiny certificate. I did ask her if it was better than or equal to the Child Protection Certificate I received from the FA last week, she said she wasn't sure. I'm not sure if I've got room on my office wall for all these certificates!
  11. Did the certificate come from Hays or was it from another body such as Childrens Workforce Development Council?
  12. The certificate is specific to HAYS and signed by Martyn Best, Hays Education's Managing Director!

  13. Hi there,

    I'm so glad that you posted this. I was cold called by Hays asking if I would like to go on their books from September.
    Now I know that they don't pay the rate and want you to do online courses in a very short time frame it shows my how disorganised they are so I don't thinkk I'll bother.
    They did call me about June and then I had not contact from them after I replied.
  14. Hays tell lies all the time that's it really.
  15. I think like any national agency, the experience office by office will vary.
  16. Apparently as employees we've only got two weeks to complete the online test before they disable our emailed passwords!Do the test OR else!?
  17. As a NQT and no work I signed up with Hays and was very disappointed. The man had no idea of the roles of a TA,HLTA or the GTP route I had taken. He promptly told me my small birth certificate wasnt good enough and that my CV need re writing and he was going to do it. He also told me that my out of date CRB would be ok and that they allowed me to go into a school before the carried out a new one. The fact I could be in a school without an up to date CRB worried me no end. I have been a TA and HLTA so knew that this was not possible. I was very disappointed and have told him that I dont want to continue with them any longer.
  18. I think some of the posts are a tad unfair to Hays, the issue is more the climate we are in. Like just about everywhere, they are covering themselves and providing an opportunity for their supply pool. Somewhere on TES in the past year a poster wrote that schools would be expecting proof of attending some such course, last Easter I asked that Hays might include such a course in their inset. (I had looked around and found one course provider had a similar course, at around £160 a day).
    The fact the inset was free and could be done online and had a test/certificate was a bonus to attending an actual inset day. If other agencies haven't done likewise, I expect the certificate might help in the procurement of work.
    I don't think the content will drastically change everyday work much, most of it is what one would have done anyway. Some of guidance is tough to put into practice: if arriving on day-to-day supply sometimes it is hard enough to get everything ready for class let alone find all the information about these relevant school policies and find out about all the designated school representatives, but maybe schools will be better providing supply with information on this in packs in the future.
    I'd be happy about Hays providing more online inset, but voluntary choices rather than mandatory.

  19. You have to pay for this?
  20. satnav

    satnav New commenter

    Well I tried to log on last night and was told there was an error the message said the error had been reported and they would contact me but so far there has been not contact. If it is important I'm sure they will get back in touch.

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