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Hays holiday pay

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by cakeycake, Dec 19, 2010.

  1. cakeycake

    cakeycake New commenter

    Hello everyone,
    Hope you are enjoying your Christmas holidays.
    I have recently booked 14hours holiday from all of the days I have worked this term. Does anyone know if the pay is worked out hourly? I want to work out how much I'm going to be paid.
  2. It takes a bit of work, but you could go through all your time sheets for this term and add up the holiday deductions. If you are paid the same for each day, then you could take one day's time sheet and multiply times the days worked.
    Different people, and in different regions will probably get different amounts as day's pay.

  3. Hi,
    About a month ago I started to work for Hays. Will I automatically get my holiday pay sometime over Christmas/New Year or do I have to 'book it', as mentioned above?

  4. cakeycake

    cakeycake New commenter

    You have to book it. When you log on, there is a menu on the side - go to the holiday booking part and it's easy from there.
    Merry Christmas!
  5. Many thanks.
  6. I had an email saying it had to be taken by December 31, otherwise it will be lost. Not sure they can do that since its money held back from your work earlier in the term.
  7. satnav

    satnav New commenter

    I got the email as well I'm sure it would consitute a deduction from earnings. I'm owed just less than 3 hours holiday pay because you can't claim for less than 3 hours the chances are they will try and take the money if they do it will be a very strong letter followed by an application to an Industrial Tribunal. It might only be £30 but it's the principle.
  8. Quite right.

    My total for the autumn was 8.72 hours, coming from 9 days work. Not sure how much it will be, but it won't be much.
  9. Hello again,
    I've worked 13 days this term (the last 13 days before schools broke up) and looking at my 'calendar' I have '8 hours booked' on the 24th, ie today. Does this mean I will get some pay, albeit small, next Friday? My total hours accrued is 12,56. And what happens with the remaining 4.56 hours.
  10. satnav

    satnav New commenter

    If they are serious about clawring back any holidays not claimed you would be as well trying to claim them for one of the days later in December. By claiming the 4 hours in a week when you get no other pay you might even get some of the tax back you paid earlier in the year.
  11. I had 8.72 hours, put in for 4 hours holiday yesterday and 4.72 hours holiday today, but I haven't received my payment statements so I'm not sure if/when the payment is being made.

    You need to book the remaining 4.56 hours in before December 31. I presume you already booked the 8 hours. I think the system requires 3 days advance notice of the holiday.

  12. I haven't booked anything so am guessing my agency contact did it for me. I'll update all of you after the long weekend or when the Hays staff are back on. (whichever is the sooner!)
    Happy Christmas Folks!
  13. No, I very much doubt if the contact will have done it. You can check online anytime, and book it online anytime..

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