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hay i am new here this is a bit about me :)

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by si2012a, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. Hi I am new here I have CACHE level 2 certificate in supporting teaching and learning in schools I did it though a program called vtalent year . I loved my role as a TA I liked the day to day like in at 8.30 ect ? I however did find some parts of the job hard like the maths I do how ever have Cerebal Palsy, . My condition primarily affects my physical skills but does also impact on my academic ability to a certain extent. Be for I did the CACHE level 2 I did some voltering in my old prmmry school and I wasn?t allowed in the staff room ( will one day I was n then the next day I was?t ) but any way I left and I got a other placement and I did my CACHE level 2 and I got trant like a member off staff I was allowed in the staff room and the puples had to call me sir or mr ?.. that got a lot of getting use Any way that?s a little bit about me I did this because I was bord at home Btw sory for the poor engish
  2. Good for you! I'm pleased your other placement went well [​IMG]
  3. chocolateworshipper

    chocolateworshipper Occasional commenter

    Welcome to TES [​IMG]

    I hope you weren't offended by not being allowed in the staffroom - it does vary by school.

    If Maths is hard for you, you could look at working at a secondary school in a specific department (other than Maths). Best of luck for whatever you decide to do x
  4. Hi!

    I wouldn't let the staff room issue bother you - Students are not allowed in the staff room at the school that I ttained at. Them's just the rules at some schools!

    One point... If you really want to be a TA, you need to work on your English language skills, especially spelling and grammer... You won't be able to help kids learn it if you can't do it.


    ps sorry if paragraphs disappear - they often do when I post from my phone.
  5. the thing i got mad about is when i vontered at the 1st school it was my old prmrry school and i asked the HT am i allownd in the staff room and she said yes i was in n out off the staff room for a few days then the DH called me in who was my LM and said i wast allowed in the staff room so i nicly poted out that the ht said i was the next thing was i get pulled out of class by the ht she tells me i am not alowend in the staff room i ( i was like ok i knew now ))

    i sarted my other plicement and the head was ace :) she took in the staff room
    so nice n helpful and supppertiv :) she even incleded me in some of the big school trips as a member of staff :)

    i was inspted as part of her staff observas ( sory if i have spallt that worg )

    as far as the pullples and perants new i was just a new TA

    as part of my couse work i had to run a porjact for so manny weeks ans i had to plan it ect

    my class teacher got me 1 lot of PPA time which made it a lot esay :)
    btw i am not working as a ta atm can i still post on here ect i love it here :)
  6. chocolateworshipper

    chocolateworshipper Occasional commenter

    Of course you can still post here! We are happy to welcome anyone who thinks the TA role is a valuable one x
  7. thank you :) x
    i think TAs are fab :)

    when i was in school i had a 1 to 1 suppart :)
    i also knew how hard it is some times as a TA :)
  8. bumchuckle

    bumchuckle Occasional commenter

    * grammar
    he he.... I know it was probably a typo from your phone but it made me smile [​IMG]
  9. dozymare1957

    dozymare1957 Occasional commenter

    Many moons ago I volunteered in one primary school. Not only was I not allowed in the staffroom, they begrudged giving me a cup of coffee even though I was at the school for one whole day a week. The secretary used to put hot water from the kettle into my mug so I could make myself a drink to have with my lunch in my car!
    My kids moved school and the new school was more welcoming. The teachers invited me to eat my lunch in the classroom and I was allowed to get a drink but I was not allowed to sit in the staffroom. This was explained. I was not a member of staff but I was a parent. Staff members sometimes needed to vent or to share information of a sensitive nature. The staffroom was the only place this could happen. This made perfect sense to me.
    The school where I work now does have a couple of volunteers and many students. These are all welcomed to the staffroom.
    I think the difference with secondary is that the staffroom is much bigger so it's easier to rant or discuss things in private than it is in a small primary staffroom.

  10. i agrea withe you on that teaches beed to talk some times in a staff room :) and its good you like were u are now :)
  11. I'm sorry but your grasp of the English language is appalling. How do you expect to help children (of any age) in any subject when the majority will produce a higher standard of written work than you do?

    If you really want to be a TA I suggest you take an adult literacy course.
  12. I suggest you stop been so judgemental and leave him alone. He has a learning disability
  13. Firstly Thank you to : Colaaddict for the post, and secondly in response to Fladaif8 I did apologize for the poor English
  14. It doesn't matter if he has a learning disability. He is not in a position to support children with their learning. I appreciate you apologised for your poor English which is why I suggested that you take an adult literacy class if you want to work as a TA.
  15. Dear All,

    Firstly thank-you to Fladiaf8 again for the kind comments, I feel I can make a difference and feel is about giving back
    what the education sector has given me, My enthusiasm is what drives me and I do not see my disabilities as something that should prohibit me in life they are something to be overcome and I feel I am doing this and have been doing this. Do my disabilities make me unsuitable, Um No take for example Stephen Hawkins should his disabilities dis-credit the work he does in a scientific capacity... NO so I see that mine shouldnt and tbh I am not going to let the
  16. I'm glad you have enthusiasm and it is commendable that you are overcoming your disabilities and I am in no way saying they should prohibit you from working. However I do think you need to question your suitability as a TA. Have you spoken to the schools that you volunteered in about the possibility of a job? Were you ever pulled up about your level of written English?
  17. my 1st school did not my 2nd school said that i am not transferable so i cart go from y1 to y6 and plus there was not jobs available at the end of my course
  18. What TA qualifications do you have?
  19. Good afternoon people,

    I am both a support worker on an as and when needed basis and also a bit of a discrimination campaigner with a lot of political knowledge amongst the many caps I wear in the every day world. I strongly believe those with disabilities such as si2012a has should not be prohibited from any kind of job whether it be a teaching post or a support worker, It is in my view how the education sector moves forward and I feel to truly understand anything to do with the SEN sector employing people that themselves have experienced this area will help us grow the ideas.
    I think si2012a has great courage in posting so openly and all respect to him

  20. i have I have CACHE level 2 certificate in supporting teaching and learning in school

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