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having to take time off for chicken pox

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by young teacher, Jul 3, 2011.

  1. my 14month old son has developed spots v similar to chicken pox this weekend. taking him to docs tomo but i hear nursery are very funny about when you can return..which i can totally understand. bit concerned about work, anyone know how mnay days off you can take from school and are they paid? unfortunately if nursery wont take him, i am the only one who can look after him as my husband in a temp job and if he doesnt work he doesnt get paid, plus as its a temping role he really needs to be there, doesnt want to look bad as he is hoping to get a permanent job there. i am only a booster group teacher at the mo till end of term, and this week its all concert stuff so i wnt actually be missed that much. never had to think about things like this before!! thanks for any help

  2. The rule at my school is you have to take it unpaid. I have never had to because my mum lives close by and my husband has some leeway also, but I know of others who have had to take time off for ill kids, and they haven't actually had their pay docked, but that is the rule. My gut feeling is if you start saying to them "As it's concert week I won't be missed," that may annoy them and they may make you take it unpaid.
    Doctor will not thank you for bringing him into the surgery with likely chicken pox - has it been going around?
    It may be a whole week, or even more - you have to stay away till the spots crust over, at least.
    Fact is, one day he will get chicken pox, even if it isn't now. We are in school about 39 weeks a year so you have a 39/52 chance it will hit you at school time. Sooner or later you're going to have to take that week off, may as well be now, I guess.
  3. obviously i would never say i wont be missed!!!but i know in terms of my role in the school at the mo and in terms of sorting out cover, i wont be causing a huge hassle. i was debating if i should take him into the docs, but all the websites and people i have spoken to have advised me to take him in to get it properly diagnosed. its only on his legs and arms, not really his body, so its not majorly obvioulsy its chicken pox, or if it is its a mild dose. dont mind if its unpaid, just wanted to know the basic rules to taking such time off.
  4. we are allowed one day paid adn then the rest unpaid. i believe this is so that you can spend the day sorting out childcare for the rest of the time!
  5. Mrs Music

    Mrs Music New commenter

    We're allowed 2 days off unpaid per year to sort out childcare if they are ill. Saying that, my daughter was ill the other week and I had to take a day off with her which was the third time in a year and nothing was said (another day unpaid, obviously). I don't really see what they can do. We're lucky that her Nana can come and look after her if necessary if she is ill for a few days (although it's awful as I hate leaving her if she is ill).
    Do you have any colleagues with children who you could ask? x
  6. I've had time off for chicken pox twice - the first time because she had a few suspicious looking spots and nursery sent her home (turned out not to be chicken pox) and then when she did have it she wasn't fit for nursery for about 10 days (until the last spot has crusted over. I've had loads of time off since I went back after maternity leave, but I've never had my pay docked, even though the rule is five days per year for 'circumstances' - which can be caring for other family members, funerals, graduation ceremonies etc. If they were going to dock my pay, I would just lie and say I was ill! I guess school would rather have me be honest and do all I can while she's off sick - going in for half days when I can, swapping round so I go in for my heavy timetabled days/ exam groups etc - rather than lie.
    By the way, when we took her to the doctors, we told the receptionist it was suspected chicken pox and they put us in an empty room to wait on our own!

  7. I only took 2 days when lo had chicken pox as I caled in my dad to help (he had to stay too which was a bit of a pain). I don't actually know our school policy about children being ill and us taking time off, but I don't know anyone who has had to take time unpaid. I've had 5 or 6 days this year for lo being ill and have been paid for all of them. I think as long as you are reasonable then it should be ok.
    And we told the receptionist it was chicken pox too and were put into an empty room by ourselves.

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