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Having problems exporting audio in Sibelius 5 - can anyone help?

Discussion in 'Music' started by linber, Apr 20, 2011.

  1. linber

    linber New commenter

    I need to do the above in order to burn a CD for A2 Composition to send to the exam board.
    When I try to export audio the message says:
    "Some of the devices in the current playback configurations are not virtual instruments."
    How can I make all the instruments virtual? When I click 'ok', some instruments are missing when I listen to the audio.
    I've looked in the Sibelius 5 help guide, but the section on audio is bewildering (for me)!

  2. Go to play > playback devices
    What does it say under active devices?
    It sounds like you have instruments being played back by general midi which isn't a virtual instrument.
    If we can't get to the root of the problem I'd be happy to export the audio from my version of Sibelius 6.
  3. I also have Garritan Personal Orchestra loaded into my Sibelius 6 which is better than the current stock of sounds in Sibelius 5, even though they are Garritan derived.
  4. Hi Linber, I'm a total Sibelius idiot and have had exactly the same problem, to such an extent that I've sat playing back Sibelius files out loud with a mic parked next to the speakers! But today a clever child did something that worked, so here goes.
    If you hit File-export - Midi then OK, it'll bring up a new window with your file name at the bottom. If you then type .wav after the name, it does it! And I've just tried it again, and it still does it! Good luck! Don't forget the dot before the wav though.
  5. That will work but the sound will be really really bad, and not make use of the sounds that come with sibelius. These sounds also change with different articulations, which you won't get with midi.
  6. So how do we get better sounds in Sibelius 5? I need step by step instructions though!
  7. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/4407124/sibelius1.JPG
    You should have sibelius essentials like I have on the above image. If you haven't got it you can find it on the sibelius dvd.
  8. linber

    linber New commenter

    Hi Superlocrian,
    Thanks for your help thus far!

    Under active devices it says:
    Creative Soundfont Synth
    KontaktPlayer 2
    Microsoft GS Wav ...
    USB Keystation 49E
    The only other available device (in the left hand box) is:
    KontaktPlayer 2
  9. Okay, first thing to try is this:
    Remove all of the devices from the right except Kontaktplayer2 and make sure it says sibelius essentials to the right of the player.
    Save playback and devices.
    Load up the score (you may have to do the remove again if they return as scores usually save the setup with it). It should then automatically load all the required instruments into kontakt player when you play the score.
  10. linber

    linber New commenter

    Hi Superlocrian,
    Many thanks for your advice re. Sibelius 5 - that worked! Much appreciated.

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