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Have you started shopping for stationary yet?

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by MilkChocolate, May 16, 2008.

  1. irishsorcha- you can get great travel journels from Paperchase :)
    they have bits to stick photos and stuff in too!
  2. I'm also obssesed with stationery!I can't stop myself in Tescos mainly!I already invested in a laminator!I want to order one of those planner things from the site Mrs B mentioned but what did you guys put in the bit that says school name??
  3. MrsBridgewater

    MrsBridgewater New commenter

    I put student teacher in that box.
  4. Or if you don't pupils to see it accidently, thus breaking cover, put your uni's name.
  5. You could just stick a white label over the space and just write your name.
  6. MrsBridgewater

    MrsBridgewater New commenter

    I thought the bit mangomoose was referring to was on the order form where it asks for your school, then asks if you want delivery to school or home address. I don't think that they put the school name on the planner (unless I have missed that bit of the website - I know that they do do pupil planners with school names).
  7. I thought I was prepared because I'd bought a couple of stickers, and collected some free posters! This thread has put me well and truly to shame.

    I've just requested the primaryteaching catalogue, as there looked like there were lots of things that would take my money away from me!

    Has anyone done anything about collecting resources? I've done a little, collecting some stuff when I went on holiday, and I also nabbed a couple of promotional posters that might be useful.
  8. MrsBridgewater

    MrsBridgewater New commenter

    I don't really think it has anything to do with 'being prepared' more a convenient excuse to feed an addiction :)
  9. Yeah I was refering to the order form part!What about the phone number as that seems to be compulsary too!Thanks guys!I am going to order one right away...now what colour to choose!
  10. (1) Sorry, I haven't tried ordering a planner so I didn't know there was a section about school. Sorry!

    (2) I really have no idea what stationery to buy, other than lever arch files and spare pens. I don't know my placement schools' marking system so I don't really want to plan ahead too much with stickers etc. For example, iI don't know policies about target-setting etc. And with planners, how would you know how many periods there are in a day? And what if they're different at different schools? And I don't want to buy posters as I probably won't have my own lab... I'm sorry, I ask too many questions!
  11. MrsBridgewater

    MrsBridgewater New commenter

    I went for a planner with 8 periods in it. Most schools I have been in have had 6 or 7, but I figure any extra boxes will come in useful for notes on things I can't forget to do for my own children. There are few things worse than that sinking feeling when a child informs you, after the shops have shut, that they need a Tudor costume to wear to school the next day!
  12. Dancing Butterfly

    Dancing Butterfly New commenter


    I haven't bought a planner either so don't worry you're not the only one. I don't use my teacher planner at the momment as I prefer to plan on A4 and I don't know if i'm going to be given one by uni/placement schools.

    In terms of stationary essentials I've got the following on my list:

    *USB Sticks
    *External Hardrive - so if my laptop gets stolen (hopefully not again) or broken I've got an easy access back up.
    *Noticeboard for my bedroom
    *Polywallets - 100's
    *Cheap pens and pencils - at the momment I lose or 'lend' out at least 5 a week.
    *Leverarch files and dividers

    On top of that i'm sure I'll buy lots of things just because they look nice but that's down to my stationary addiction ;o)
  13. MrsBridgewater

    MrsBridgewater New commenter

    Hey, in addition to stationery I've just realised that I need to buy a new desk! We moved DS1 downstairs into what was the study/office when DH stopped working from home, but having DS1 downstairs isn't working out so we are rejigging all the bedrooms (5 children in a 4 bed house!) and I am reclaining the office! I plan to put the computer in there - it has annoyed me no end having it in the dining room as the dining table ends up covered in everyone's rubbish (sorry - important paper work!), and picking up a sofa bed (seen a nice cheap one in IKEA) leaving a DVD player in there so the children can watch films etc., but had totally forgotten about getting a desk (shelves we have plenty of - DH is a rare book specialist!)
  14. Well that makes me feel better!

    What stationary do you think we need? I'll probably be picking bits and bobs along the way, but I really like the look of the ink stampers!
  15. i bought some more stickers from whsmiths today, buy 1 get 1 half price.

    and the packs i bought were reduced from 5.99
  16. Hi everyone,

    I don't know if anyone's suggested this - I haven't read the whole post - but I put an ad on Freecycle asking for any lever arch files.
    The same day I got 2 responses and have so far collected 15 files (with a stapler and hole punch thrown in!). I've also been promised heaps more from a lady who is leaving teaching this year.
    Obviously you have to be able to go and pick the files up, but if it's close to home you could save a fair bit.

    Have a look at www.freecycle.org.uk and look for your area.

    Happy hunting! xx

    ps As if the files weren't good enough, the lady I got some of them off is also giving us 2 sofas she's getting rid of - we're renovating a house and are rather skint! How great! xx
  17. lol You've got the right idea Kimmie - we collect anything practical. :p
  18. Hello everyone! Just wanted to let you know my teachers planner came today! It's fab! There are so many pages in it so I am sure it will be used daily and become my 'bible'. Got mine in red - looks lovely.x
    Also I ordered a copy of the National Curriculum and that was delivered aswell. Saved nearly £25 - because if you say you are going to do a PGCE, you get it free. Bargain!
  19. Hey, this is going to sound a rather dumb but which website did you get you nation curriculum from I have been having trouble locating a copy, would really appreciate a link if anyone has one. Thanks
  20. Sorry Bond if you have said this previously but where did you get your teacher planner from? Really want to get one soon!!

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