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Have you started shopping for stationary yet?

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by MilkChocolate, May 16, 2008.

  1. bettieblu

    bettieblu New commenter

    nah, they love them... my son is 14 and a big old rugby player, he still likes getting his "well done" stickers - mainly aim them up to year 9 but its always encouragement, like merit marks.
  2. MrsBridgewater

    MrsBridgewater New commenter

    bond22 - I ordered a planner and a ring binder the day before yesterday - can't wait for it to arrive now.

    I am always amazed at how children are motivated by stickers :)
  3. I'm gonna be bankrupt by the time I start my course lol. Ive bought my planner from the site MrsB recommended and I've just won a trundle on ebay. Not to mention the pile of teacher clothes I keep buying (lol I'm gonna be one fashionable teacher).
  4. if you've got time on your hands, it could work out cheaper to buy sheets of plain labels and design your own stickers on the computer. im hoping to give it a try - there's a very limited range available that are suitable for my subject. must say that the primaryteaching website has a fab range compared to most though!
  5. Dancing Butterfly

    Dancing Butterfly New commenter

    I'm a bigfan of the PrimaryTeaching website mentioned and nearly went bankrupt last time I ordered from them.

    The only thing I would say is that their regular size stickers are a little large for putting in Student Planners (Secondary) but great for on work. The mini dots are fab and my form group (Yr7) love earning stickers on the 'Ocean' reward chart I got for them
  6. I was thinking of getting stampers - more cost effective?
  7. Although if someone knows of a "Please remember units" stamp, I'd be very grateful if they could tell me its whereabouts!
  8. Natscigirl i recommend stampers from baker ross. Although you would have to pay £3.50 for postage they are still extremely cheap. For about £3.00 you get a set of 10 re-inkable ones. I wasted my money on four from elsewhere and they cost me £4.50 each.
  9. Sorry just realised your secondary, the ones i recommended may be too young.
  10. Dancing Butterfly

    Dancing Butterfly New commenter

    The PrimaryTeaching website will let you create personalised stampers but they are quite pricey, however I've had one made in Dec and i've used it at least once a day and I haven't had to re-ink it yet.
  11. MrsBridgewater

    MrsBridgewater New commenter


    I had a stamp made up a couple of years ago by:
    http://www.makeyourmark.biz/ I sent them, in my own writing, 'love from....' and then all our names. As you can imagine doing Christmas cards is a huge chore when you have 5 children's names to put in! The stamp was perfect! All I had to do was write the "To Auntie Mabel" bit in and stamp the rest. I chose a self inking stamp, but they will make up any type of stamp. I think it was under £5 too.

    MrsB - trying to think of herself as an enabler, not a pusher!
  12. With regards to planners etc, I think every school is different, so it might be worth waiting til you get there and buying stuff after your fist day at the school...
  13. Mrs B - you should be on commission for the diary and planner website - I've just bought myself a nice A4 diary from there!!
  14. these websites are great, love the stamp one and the stickers one-will be very useful for my early years!
    thanks for the tips!
    just been to paperchase to get a laptop bag, that place is dangerous!
  15. MrsBridgewater

    MrsBridgewater New commenter

    I can't wait for my planner to arrive. I am dreaming of those smooth, unsullied pages waiting for my attention! I've been stalking the poor postman, but all that arrived this morning was a new jacket (partner school want me to go in on two separate days so I can't wear the same suit two days running!) I have to do a Viking order for my husband's shop later today, so will see if they have anything nice that I can add to the order!
  16. Not at all relevant to stationery I'm afraid, but here goes:

    Mrs B - at the risk of sounding slightly insane may I just say that every time I read your posts I ask myself one question: 'Why couldn't she have been my teacher?' May I ask are you doing primary or secondary?
    Also, when I'm a grown up and a mum, I do hope I?m as organised as you! Stamps for cards, etc seem like such a good idea.

    Now, back to the subject at hand. I have a dilemma. I want to get a brand spanking new travel diary. But, should I get it at home and fill it with the itinerary before I leave, or should I wait and get a lovely foreign one in Paris? Perhaps even a Moleskin one for the destination that?s in it?
  17. MrsBridgewater

    MrsBridgewater New commenter

    Irish_sorcha - I may be ancient, but I am far too young to have been your teacher ;-) But thanks :)

    I had a lovely travel journal from http://www.matthewrice.co.uk/ I like the idea of putting you planned itinerary in there before you go - then you can look back and compare how the itinerary to the eventual voyage!
  18. Would it be really stingy to print your own labels off? It's just, you can buy ten sheets of 65 plain labels for £12...
  19. MrsBridgewater

    MrsBridgewater New commenter

    Natscigirl - depends how patient you are with faffing around to get the print in the right place for the labels, how p*ssed off you are going to get when you realise that you have printed (or your partner, or anyone else using the printer) your essay/begging letter to the bank manager on expensive label sheets rather than normal paper. Then there is the cost of colour print cartridges to take into account.
  20. MrsBridgewater

    MrsBridgewater New commenter

    Hey - this is my favourite thread at TES :)

    I got the catalogue from www.superstickers.com this morning and I am in stationery heaven! Going to be placing an order soon just to use with my own children! THey do customised stickers too - so I shall get some with "Mummy says" for now and then later get some with my teaching name on them!

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