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Have you started shopping for stationary yet?

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by MilkChocolate, May 16, 2008.

  1. Lol - I think a love of stationary must be a pre-requisite for all teachers. There is just something really exciting about new stationary, especially really nice stuff from the Harrods of stationary, Paperchase. Going into teaching is great because for once I have an excuse to buy loads of it and just pass it off as 'necessary for work'! My favourite things are the academic diaries and general notebooks from paperchase, stickers from Staples (really good value - exciting themes like animals, pets, cars etc. which the kids I currently work with love) and the really fancy stationary from WHSmiths when it's on offer. Oh and the stationary found in supermarkets in France - it's really cool and different to what we have here!

    I think I need to calm down! One other thing - is anyone buying a computer for the PGCE year? I had a laptop for my final year at uni and it was a life saver, so I'm thinking along the same lines for the PGCE...

  2. MrsBridgewater

    MrsBridgewater New commenter

  3. Oh MrsBridgewater, that's just what I am after. I've seen loads of teachers use these!!! I know that some schools actually provide them for their staff (for free), but I reckon it could be really useful for the PGCE. I've had a look at other academic diaries and I think is the best one I've seen.

    P.S. Love the website!
  4. MrsBridgewater

    MrsBridgewater New commenter

    bond22 - I am going to place an order - just pondering whether to go for A4 for space or A5 for portability, or both - one for my desk and one for my bag!
  5. be honest with yourself mrs B - how long is it going to take you to get bored with filling both in, copying info over from one to t'other etc?

    if i was you i'd save yourself the money (and buy yourself something else instead!)

    they look great, but its the type of thing i imagine most schools would give you, wouldnt they? if i do end up ordering myself one, it will be an a4 one - im yet to see a teacher using an a5 one - who am i to argue with the majority?!
  6. MrsBridgewater - I think go for an A4 one. I haven't seen anyone use an A5 size one - however, I like the way your mind is thinking! I have a fab hot pink A5 filofax and I am going to get an academic diary refill for that one (that's for uni) but would also like the 'primary teachers planner' for the placements. However, it looks like you can only order these planners in bulk, not single orders. Is that your impression?

    Sorry for typos - watching the Apprentice aswell!!
  7. MrsBridgewater

    MrsBridgewater New commenter

    LOL bond22! You don't know how anal I am about diaries and calendars! We have the master calendar in the kitchen from Organised Mum (see http://www.organised-mum.co.uk/idevaffiliate/idevaffiliat... ) and only I am allowed to write on that one (and only in pencil), then I have a filofax that I copy everything to and from religiously!
  8. Well, I have to admitt I also have a pocket filofax for my bag! (My A5 is my house diary) MrsB - there's nothing wrong in being organised, with children you definitely need to be!
  9. MrsB thanks for the sight I've just ordered a planner for myself they look fab. Bond22 you can order most items in singles it just means they're cheaper if you order more. x
  10. MrsBridgewater

    MrsBridgewater New commenter

    Sadly it takes more than a few diaries and wall planners to get my 5 children organised! This week is a nightmare as my car is deader than a dead thing, and we are surviving on one car, in a rural village with one bus a day! Everything needs planning with military precision.
  11. MrsBridgewater

    MrsBridgewater New commenter

    Forgot to mention, we also have a week planner on a whiteboard on the fridge (also from Organised Mum) that I record the week's activities off. Only problem is that the children like to rub out things they don't want to do!
  12. Five children! My hat goes off to you, MrsB! I thought I was being cautiously optimistic doing a PGCE with two young children ( 1 and 3), but five! Wow! You sound super organised!
  13. MrsBridgewater

    MrsBridgewater New commenter

    Not organised, just knackered! Oldest is 11, youngest was 2 on Sunday - and I do not feel old enough to have a 2 year old, let alone a child starting secondary school in September!
  14. well its official - stationery shop is a slippery slope to financial ruin! bought yet more bits today.

    a pencil sharpener for loaning to the kids, a brand spanking gorgeous new filofax style planner from paperchase, and some monkey stickers to decorate said planner and make it beautiful.

    i dont plan on buying a huge amount more. still on my to buy list is:

    * whiteboard markers (just in case)
    * a gazillion lever arch files
    * ink cartridges for my printer
    * ream of printer paper
    * a bigger USB stick
    * stickers (local £1 shop here i come!!!!)
    * a skinny notepad to fit in the back of my organiser
    *some kind of plastic envelope/file for transporting things

    i have plenty of polypockets, file dividers, cheap pens etc left from my degree, so will only buy those as required. i also have a pukka pad which will be used for lecture note taking. im contemplating the laminator, guillotine and teachers planner, but will hang fire to see what the placement schools provide before splashing out unnecessarily.

    other essential but non stationery items to get - i have a flask and lunchbox so thats that dinnertime sorted. a few canvas jute bags take up next to no space. a lightweight compact umbrella is always a worthwhile investment. also going to make sure i have my emergency kit well stocked (small make up bag stocked with tissues, tampon, panty liner, paracetamol, paper soap, chewing gum, mints, hand cream, vaseline, compact mirror, safety pins, plasters, dinky hairbrush, spare hair elastic and kirby grips). that little lot will handle most disasters, and it takes up next to no space. will probably add anti bac hand gel cos of the germy kids :D if you wear tights then a small bottle of clear nail varnish is also a good addition.
  15. Dancing Butterfly

    Dancing Butterfly New commenter

    Have been avidly following this thread for a while but only just got chance to post.


    I went into Sainsbury's the other day for 2 food things and came out with a load of stationary, same thing happened in the Co-op today - I think the stationary aisle has magic powers. :eek:)

    I raided the stationary cupboard before I left my last job and get my dad to do the same thing at his workplace. I currently work in a school and i'm always on the lookout for things left in my classroom by the kids (does that make me evil? It literally is taking candy from a baby - well big babies seeing as how i'm secondary).

    I'm saving up for a bit of a spree at Paperchase and planning a small trip to Staples tomorrow.

    I think all stationary addicts should unite and form some kind of society.

    P.S Don't buy loads of whiteboard pens - they run out really easily,most classrooms will have a few knocking around and they're also really easily to filtch. *Looks around worriedly hoping no one from work recognises her*
  16. I saw some mini gullotines today - only £4.99 from the works , very tempted...They could be quite handy to have at home...
  17. bettieblu

    bettieblu New commenter

    Any idea or recommendations for some where to buy stickers from (cheap and cheerful and motivating - of course)?
    bettie x
  18. bettieblu

    bettieblu New commenter

    Oh my lord, I have answered my own question - has anyone else checked out this site?


    I am also ordering one of those trundle things, how cool are they!!

    bettie x
  19. That's a good site. Also found this one www.primaryteaching.co.uk

    Obviously, it's for primary and I've actually seen a teacher use one of the mega boxes of stickers (she was a Year 3 teacher).

    MrsB - I ordered my planner this afternoon - couldn't resist it! Lol!
  20. Would good effort stylee stickers be patronising for secondary school? I'm not your average person - I'd've liked them on my uni work! I'm not sure how much boys would like them though. I haven't had many dealings with teenage boys as I went to an all-girls school.

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