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Have you started shopping for stationary yet?

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by MilkChocolate, May 16, 2008.

  1. Haha!! So glad it's not just me then!

    Do love to buy loads too, I've bought loads from Woolworths but regretting it a bit now as the quality isn't all that great really. I'm trying my hardest to wait until August, not doing too well though!
  2. Hi all, am new to this forum but had to reply to this thread - I am also completely addicted to stationery! I love everything to do with stationery - pens, pencils, folders, plastic wallets, scissors...they are just sooo fabulous. My hubby can't understand why I have to go into WHSmiths when we are on holiday even though we have one a couple of miles away - duh! - they might have something I haven't seen before! Hooray for stationery!
  3. Well, to all those out there who are 'borrowing' stationary from work i love the idea, would only be basics as the stuff at work just is soooo basic and not a patch on smiths and paperchase. I think i'll be coming down to reality come Christmas when i'm skint, Tesco will be far more appealing than ever.....
    T. Paperchase.....
  4. i'm not a snob mt the way just love the patterns and colours.....
  5. I've been 'borrowing' stationary from my various temp jobs for many, many years and squirreling it away, even though I had no use for much of it - even bizarre things like 'urgent' stamps. You really shouldn't put the temp in a room full of stationary supplies and leave her there unattended.

    This thread has demonstrated to me that I really have chosen the correct career, as I now have a hoard of stationary I might even get to use. I was wondering what to do with all those automatic pencil leads........
  6. Oooooooo I love stationery and I also 'borrow' from work, hehe. My colleagues encourage me and all have lists of things that they can get for me, its like a competition. I don't think my boss minds all that much, I've got so much stuff already to start in September.
  7. Oh thank god its not just me. I'm going to Paris next month and have a list of stationery shops I have to visit. The excitement. Now, if only I can get on a course I can get excited about that...
  8. I'm so glad to hear that I'm no alone when it comes to buying things in preparation. lol I've got two big boxes full of stuff ready to begin my Primary PGCE ranging from stampers, stickers, badges, fancy paper, craft stuff etc the list goes on. I've even bought prizes for my treat tray! I'm soooo sad!
  9. My boyfriend said to me:

    "You're going to be a great teacher - you're annoyingly organised and you're obsessed with stationery! Oh, and you're good at explaining things, have great subject knowledge and actually want to be a teacher. But that's secondary to the stationery obsession."

  10. Had to stop myself twice today, first i popped into smiths to check out some books from my reading list, i managed to blink when passsing the 'Stationary' I feel it deserves a big S.
    Then off i went to Waterstones in search of my books and once i got what i wanted i paid for them and there in front of me was some great pieces of Stationary, how the hell i'm going to cope over the next 3 months without going bankrupt i don't know.....
    Miss T.Paperchase
  11. Now, Bond22, I have a bone to pick with you .... I was being very restrained about my stationary. Eyeing up laminators, admittedly, but holding back from actual purchases. Since this post was started I am unstoppable....2 files, an expanding folder, paperclips, permanent markers, pencils, pens....and thats just today. I think we need a serious therapy thread, or maybe some kind of warning on WHSmith's door....
  12. That's funny, kateld! Sorry, didn't mean to make you go out and buy up all of WHSmiths! Lol! I've been quite good over the last couple of days, the only thing I've bought is a 'folding trundle' (think that's what they call it) from Lakeland - thought it would save me carrying all those books! It's fab!
  13. Bond22 is that one of those drag along boxes?
  14. Hello lj4y, yes it is - only £14.99. Really sturdy, thought it would last a long time. I have bought a 'hessian' bag for uni, but this trundle thing for school. I read on another thread that someone had one and thought it was great. Couldn't resist it! (Just an excuse really to go shopping again!)
  15. Does anyone know if we need a teachers planner for the PGCE year? Or if there are any specific stationary items which would be useful for History PGCE?
  16. MrsBridgewater

    MrsBridgewater New commenter

    Anyone seen these in real life?

    They look great to me, but I wouldn't know whether to get one for 6, 8 or 10 lessons a day! I can't think of a school I have observed that does 10 lessons - so maybe 8 would cover most things!
  17. that trundle is just what i need!
  18. i gave in to temptation today and started shopping.

    bought a pencil case to store all my cheap pens to loan out. also got a pack of smiley face stickers to reward good work.

    spotted that tesco had a pack of 12 whiteboard markers (4 each of black/blue/red/green) for £4. will be picking some of these up on my next visit - at 33p a pen its the cheapest ive seen them anywhere.
  19. i've just ought some stickers and stampers...
  20. MrsBridgewater

    MrsBridgewater New commenter

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