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Have you started shopping for stationary yet?

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by MilkChocolate, May 16, 2008.

  1. nearly_there

    nearly_there New commenter

    Laminators of the world unite!
  2. MrsBridgewater

    MrsBridgewater New commenter

    http://www.viking-direct.co.uk/ is always good for bulk buying basics. I do all the stationery ordering for DH's business and it is amazing how much stuff I want ends up in my shopping basket!
  3. I thought I was mad when I popped into Staples on Friday for some cardboard and ended up with felt tip pens, coloured pencils, a new case....
  4. hey im starting YSJ on the primary 5-11 3 yr course what can you recommend ill need to start off with?
  5. I'm a current PGCEr -Buy cheap the blighters will wander off with your precious pens! I have about four biros at the mo! Folders -have found those plastic envelope things are good -real cheap from tesco -stop stuff getting bent in bag. Ikea have some cool magazine storage box things that are great for hiding the mess of paper. I brought a printer but have used it about 4 times -the school's one is free! Invest in a giant sturdy bag -you will end up lugging stuff everywhere -if I have a lot of books I take my wheely suitcase! those bag for life things are good size for books/ marking piles. Oh a memory stick is essential.
  6. this is one area where i think i am really going to have to reign myself in! im another self confessed stationery addict who loves to buy pretty things but htes to use it because then it doesnt look so nice anymore. go figure!

    for basic bog standard stuff i find that the supermarkets own stuff is much cheaper than high st stationers and just as good quality
  7. minipesky

    minipesky New commenter

    This thread has made me so happy - I too am addicted to stationery! Amazingly I've only bought a very nice academic diary so far, I'm waiting for the back to school offers though otherwise I'd spend far too much on everything!

  8. OMG - is adoring stationery some sort of secret criteria for entry into the teaching profession? I've always loved going into Paperchase and other similar shops and ogling all the beautiful colours and papers and cardboards.....I thought I was the only one....it's like some sort of a confirmatory seal of approval that we're finally about to enter the profession we were meant for!! Welcome home everyone!!!!!!!
  9. MrsBridgewater

    MrsBridgewater New commenter

    LOL! All the teachers I know in real life (as people rather than as teachers if you see what I mean) love stationery.
  10. I found 20 glue sticks for 50p at Tesco the other day - well worth it!!
  11. loving this thread, Skevvya you are so funny Paperchase is my middle name.
    The people who i work with think i'm mad, favourite note pad, favourite pen, pencils, oh my i'm getting excited already, waiting in Euston Train station is a nightmare with the little Paperchase shop, it's a stationary paradise just need to keep the costs down as the whole grant/loan will emerge into 'Paperchase' shares.....
  12. OMG - its like confessions of a stationery addict! I am so glad its not just me! Maybe we ought to post any good offers we see on here? Don't know about you but I can't wait to go shopping for the books on the reading list!
  13. It's not just me then - yay! I like Staples for bulk-buying lever-arch files etc.
  14. And holyhead30, I know exactly what you mean about Euston Station :p
  15. I'm so glad everyone else is mad about stationery too! I haven't really bought anything yet, but been looking and thinking about it, and my boyfriend thinks I'm completely barmy.

    I've got hundreds of cheap biros. The shop on campus closed down last year and sold everything cheap, and I took the opportunity to buy a lifetime supply of pens!

    Can anyone recommend a place to get a reasonably cheap laminator?
  16. OK, I'm seeing all these posts about laminators and not understanding what one might use one for. Well, I know to laminate things, but what "things" exactly? I thought they were only used for rubbishy membership cards! Enlighten me please, oh stationery-obsessed ones...
  17. Lamination is useful for resources you want to keep, such as 'bingo' cards, number cards, photos, writing frames, letter cards (I'm primary-trained, so it may be different for secondary). Once you hand out resources to pupils, they tend to chew them, dog-ear or bend them, and you often can't use them again. If you are using school's resources, it doesn't matter but for things you've made an effort to create, you want to keep them and use them again at your next placement or after you qualify.
    While a laminator has its uses and it's handy to have your own, you can usually use school's equipment (which is likely to be more expensive and better). And don't underestimate the cost of laminating pouches - they can add up for a class of 35 pupils!
  18. Am I the only one who has been 'borrowing' stationery from work for September? I'm in charge of ordering the stationery so I must admit I've been ordering a few extra green pens, glue sticks, plastic wallets dividers etc...am I on my own? Is this really really bad of me?

  19. Ha my mum "borrows" things from work for me, every year before uni starts she gets me to write a list of what I need. I know she's the boss and everything but I still can't believe what she must waltz out of there with some days, 4 lever arch files, 5 pads of paper about a billion pens, sticky notes absolutely all sorts!!
    I get all excited when the back to school stuff come sout in the shops, my other half constantly has to reign me in or I would spend loads even though I have everything at home courtesy of mama!!
    I have always been the same, ever since school I loved when my mum would take me shopping for a new school bag, new trainers for PE, new pencil case etc. Now I get to keep doing that every year!!

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