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Have you started shopping for stationary yet?

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by MilkChocolate, May 16, 2008.

  1. I've bought a laptop (2nd hand from my brother!) but no stationery yet... Keep thinking about it though! Maybe when all the back-to
    -school stuff comes into the shops there'll be some offers on, so I might hold off for a while. If I buy it now I'll just lose it before September! I've heard you can never have enough poly-pockets though, so sounds like you've bought the right things!
  2. No stationary, but I bought a nice Moleskine academic diary. I'm also trying to reign in my spending on books about teaching. I've bought about 6 so far. Some are genuinely quite interesting to read though! Also I work just round the corner from the IoE so lots of second hand bookshops full of teaching tomes round here..
  3. MrsBridgewater

    MrsBridgewater New commenter

    I never stop buying stationery! Love the stuff. Am addicted to pens, pencils, folders, stickers etc. etc. I think I must just pop out and buy some more!
  4. bettieblu

    bettieblu New commenter

    Ah Mrs Bridgewater, a girl after my own heart! I have so many pens, pencils, rubbers, different types of paper, pads... and bought a lovely new diary from Smiths the other day with 4 different timetable calenders in it July 08 - June 09 - started to fill it in already. Still thinking about the printer situation though... might get one this weekend. I have entered quite a few writing competitions recently so hoping I can win or be placed in one and buy a lovely new little mini laptop that can fit in my handbag..
    bettie x
  5. OMG,,, I have! bought some folders, pens and plastic wallets oh and a glue stick, hehe!! Preparation is the key... I need to buy a printer next... and a usb flash stick thingy. I love all the funky folders etc but why does everything have to be soooooo expensive!! urgh!

    Join the fight against over priced stationary NOW!! hehe.

    Good luck to you PGCE peeps for Sept! pxx

  6. Just thought i'd hijack your thread and offer some ideas on the stationary front

    1) Dont buy a Lexmark printer (you have to buy certain refills and i probably spend about £20 a month on them)

    2) Loads of cheap pens and pencils (i give them out all of the time and do not always get them back)

    3) Wish i hadnt bothered with pretty folders which are no either broken or trashed.

    HTH :)
  7. I am so glad its not just me!! I was beginning to think I was getting a bit too prepared! Did you know WHSmith has a sale on at the moment ...I've bought stickers, post it notes, file dividers, poly pockets, poly pockets...pens, poly pockets!! But I am seriously considering an A3 laminator and a mini gullotine...and I am also trying to find out where to get a 'teachers planner' - seen quite a few teachers using it , so that's my next mission...Oh yes, I am trying to decide how many arch lever files we are going to need - I reckon at least ten... It's so exciting and I love shopping! So I am in shopping heaven!
  8. nearly_there

    nearly_there New commenter

    Stickers, Stickers, Stickers
    I'm obsessed with stationary and my non-teaching friends are amazed at how excited I get at buying new stickers.
  9. WillowFae

    WillowFae New commenter

    I've heard people say you need lots of folders and stuff for organisation but I haven't got a clue what to get. Is it like one folder for lesson plans, one for observation notes, one for whatever else?

    I feel like I haven't got a clue!
  10. WillowFae

    The way students organise files will differ, depending on how their uni want the files organised, phase and subject, placement schools and their own preference. Normally you start with a few files. Maybe a one medium-sized file for uni sessions - and subdivide as it gets bigger. You need a separate file for each placement - in early serial one you may only need one lever-arch file for planning, assessment, record-keeping and tutorials, but in later ones you will need one for each (and another for QTS standards evidence - depending on your course).
    Just start with a half a dozens A4 lever arch files (in different colours) and a slim file for uni sessions, and add to them as your files expand. You will also need plastic/paper tabs for each, a quantity of good-quality plastic punched wallets (Rexel and Esselte are good) and coloured biros (green is good for marking and annotating!)
    Don't buy too much, as you may end up with loads of unused stuff (I did). Get a sturdy bag to carry them - I got a tough fabric Adidas messenger bag which served me throughout the course.
  11. Not really thought about stationary yet, but I bought a new all-in-one printer a few weeks a go, and I'm now saving up to buy a new laptop in the summer.
  12. Stationary?!? You people are supposed to become teachers soon! Buying stationary means buying something while standing still. It's stationEry you want. ;)
  13. i havent bought anything yet. and dont intend to. given that i am moving out of my current house end of june, then moving somewhere else till september, and then moving to another different flat in september, and i already have way too much stuff to try and move. So stationary can wait till i start. I have enough with my current problem that the contract for the flat i am moving into in the uni town doesnt start till a week after the course. Slight mess up on my part. So the earliest i can try and get to move in is 2 days before the course starts. So i'll just buy stuff as i need it through the course i think!
  14. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but do schools not supply teachers with necessary folders, pens, notebooks etc. any more?
  15. natscigirl

    Schools supply what the pupils need for their lessons, but you need to supply your own files for lesson plans, assessment, recordkeeping, standard evidence etc, and pens for your own use. You can use school's whiteboard markers, but it's best to have your own set - Vidella is a good make. You can usually use school's stationery for making resources, such as printing and laminating, but you need to check with your placement school - some have strict limit for what student teachers can use.
  16. I agree with Alec and my advice is don't buy a laptop unless you don't have a PC at home. I was lucky enough to be able to borrow one from my placement schools, but hardly used it. A good bag is useful for carrying your books etc around and I found a stapler,highlighters, pencils and rulers handy, especially when students ask if they can borrow one. Good luck with your course. I can honestly say it will be hard work, but very enjoyable and the most rewarding experience you will probably have.
  17. lindsay84

    lindsay84 New commenter

    I will be doing the GTP, but I have just discovered some exciting news, you can now order from Paperchase Online!
  18. nearly_there

    nearly_there New commenter

    I found my best buy was a cheap A4 laminator. It cost me less than £20 and it meant I knew I could finish making my resources at home instead of panicing at school or college. Gave me vital breathing space. It also meant that if I was in a placement school that were sniffy about student teachers using materials then I could still make the resources at home. By laminating stuff it kept things neat and I could file the resources and re-use them in the future. Looks like you've put the effort in as well.

    If you are sharing with other students next year you could may be club together for a fancy one ???
  19. MrsBridgewater

    MrsBridgewater New commenter

    I love my laminator! I inherited a lovely A3 laminator from my dad, think of him every time the children and I have a laminating session. We laminate everything we can, certificates, pictures they have done at school, important instructions that they have to keep. We had a really lovely time laminating pressed daisy heads, cutting around them and then stringing them together to make necklaces (well DD1 & I did, the boys weren't quite so keen). Do not try to cut out a stage and think that you can laminate a fresh flower and it will press it as you go along - we tried that - made a rather impressive smell (not unpleasant) but ultimately led to me getting acquainted with the inside of the laminator (I ignored the 'Do not remove cover' instruction) to clear out the resultant mess.

    Made all our Christmas cards last year by laminating small photos of the children, along with glitter and stars - lovely stuff!
  20. Wait until August - Tesco have some great 'back to school' offers then - loads of stuff for a pound. I stocked up on packs of whiteboard pens (ten in a pack and have kept working all year!) , biros and big packs of pencils. I also bought a cheap A4 laminator from there for about £12 and is still going strong.

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