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Have you ever had a client be put off by the finder fee?

Discussion in 'Private tutors' started by langteacher, May 6, 2014.

  1. langteacher

    langteacher Occasional commenter

    I have advertised in the usual places and have found that, for the most part it works. I have had work of the majority of tuition websites.

    The other day, I was messaging back and forth with a lady who wanted lessons via UK Tutors, when she found out there was a fee involved to buy my details, the messages stopped. This is the first time this has happened to me. The request is still open but I know I won't hear from her again, you just get a feeling! We had a date and time arranged until she found out. No great loss and there will always be others but it led me on to thinking I should update my ad on gumtree. I have had work from those ads, not loads, but some. My last client looked to gumtree after finding me on a tuition site and then was put off by the fee. Her thought was, if that was me, I would also advertise on Gumtree. I then find out today that gumtree are now charging for advertising services, something like £6 an advert which I think is quite a lot. I have never actually printed leaflets and distributed them but I am currently doing that.

    Where does everyone else advertise?
  2. David Getling

    David Getling Lead commenter

    Yes, I'm sure I've lost potential clients because of the finders fee. Their typical modus operandi is to ask for your contact details. When you point out that this is against the site's rules (which most know only too well) you never hear from them again. That's fine by me, as I don't want to do business with dishonest cheats - if they are prepared to cheat the site they probably won't deal fairly with me.
  3. langteacher

    langteacher Occasional commenter

    I think this particular one just didn't know. I logged on as a student to see what it looks like and I have to say that although the info is there, it could be made clearer from the start.

    Oh well another one will be along soon
  4. After my first and only lesson with a client I had met through Tutor Hunt, she tried to tell me that she had been 'told' by the latter that the first lesson was free, to recoup the finder's fee. For me, anyway, the system seldom works, as although I get half a dozen or so 'your details have been viewed' alerts each week, very, very few develop into anything. Many potential clients expect things on the cheap, baulking at paying £20 per hour, or expecting you to do whole family at the same time. My Gumtree ads just sunk without trace.
  5. David Getling

    David Getling Lead commenter

    Jenny, it looks as if your area probably comprises a particularly poor socio-economic sampling of society. While I'm less than impressed with the majority of Enfield's denizens' attitude to education, I've now picked up a few students whose parents do care about education. Some are very close to home, but others come from better areas like Goffs Oak or Potters Bar.

    My parents were poor. In fact my mother juggled 3 part-time jobs, and at one stage my father worked night shifts. Yet, they somehow found the money for music lessons and private tuition. So I have nothing but the utmost contempt for parents who are clearly better off than mine were, but claim they can't afford a private tutor.
  6. langteacher

    langteacher Occasional commenter

    Jenny this is shocking. I have had a fair number of clients from sites with finder fees and have never come across this. I do , however , feel that the fee is not made clear by the site so in the run up of exchanging messages I make it clear myself so that there is no misunderstanding
  7. The 'finder's' fee issue only came up on this one occasion. I live near Watford, so I'm surrounded by some very affluent areas, such as Northwood, Bushey, etc. It is not the average, or poorer parents, which seem to quibble, it is the better-off ones with a Chelsea-tractor in the driveway. What happened Is fairly indicative of the attitudes of this sort of parents. perhaps being an affluent area has saturated the market with too many tutors. I've signed onto a couple of the sites as someone looking for a tutor and I was shocked at how many people are touting themselves, offering quite low charges. Many, if not most, of these are students looking to make extra money, few experienced teachers, but parents seem to go by price rather than experience.

    Now that many schools are offering after-school tuition, the demand for tutoring, around here anyway, has dwindled. Many of the 'tuition centres' that popped up like mushrooms a couple of years ago, are shutting up shop. I've only had two enduring students this year.
  8. langteacher

    langteacher Occasional commenter

    I have two students just about to sit GCSE. Have been with them for two years. I teach languages and I enjoy teaching the adults learning for holidays, none of the exam pressures and very keen to learn and have conversations with the locals. That way I don't end up teaching them stuff that they are never going to use in the real world. Have to say though that the kids tend to be more long term but am never really short of adults. i have a corporate client who offer their employees a leisure scheme and I get a fair amount of work off them.

    I called in at the library yesterday to see if they had a board to put a leaflet on....their board os only for council business! I would have thought that a library would be a good place to advertise
  9. Our library adopts the same attitude; schools and colleges I approached were the same. I tried the usual things of putting cards up in shops, etc. but nothing came of it.
  10. Best form of advertising is leaflets - get a load printed as cheaply as possibly and leave piles (having asked permission of course) in leisure centres, libraries etc and even do a door to door drop one sunny weekend
  11. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    This has been my and others experience too. I think it really puts some people off.

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