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Have you ever given up opportunities for teaching?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by disguise, Jan 16, 2012.

  1. I auditioned for the Olympics opening ceremony and didn't go to the call back because I was too busy after school at work and it was too late in the evening (I commute so am always up early). Have just found out two of my mates got through. I don't regret my decision because I know work wise it was the right one but I do wonder how much I will give up for a job that I'm not even currently enjoying?
  2. No.
    I gave up teaching again and got my life back [​IMG]
    I actually work much longer hours now - but if I decide I need to pop out to do something, or knock off early one day, I can...
    and I just teach when I feel like it and if the pay suits me as an add-on to my salary.

  3. Why can't I find a job like this? Nothing pays near my salary.
  4. You might be surprised at how easily you can make up the money by doing a number of different things. The year after I quit, I made nearly twice as much as before.
  5. Loads of jobs do.
    Sometimes you need to take a slight pay cut, but easily make up within a short time. Or you do something you love and are willing to take the pay cut.
    I was qualified for something else long before I returned to teaching and so it was easier for me to leave again. I cannot imagine me ever leaving the branch I am in now again. I am "home".
    What price your sanity?

  6. That was a shame. That was a one in a life time. School just trudges on...
  7. When I finished my PGCE, in 1977, school rolls were falling and schools were closing or amalgamating, and I could not get more than very temporary work. At the time, there was a 'serious shortage' of trained nurses, so I went on a shortened training course (not by much; two and a hlaf years as opposed to three) and qualified as an SRN in 1980. By this time, of course, Mrs Thatcher was in power "cut, cut and cut again", so I was only able to get very short-term, temporary work (sounds familiar, doesn't it?).
    I got by on a mixture of daily supply teaching and bank nursing, while applying for nursing and teaching jobs. Only after I my daughter had started school, in 1989, was I lucky enough to get a permenent job in teaching. It could have gone either way, as I was applying for nursing and teaching jobs at the same time.
  8. BBC1 - right now - another opportunity I gave up for teaching. I had an audition for the voice UK but it was a weekday so I didn't go. In fact it was also the day of my PMR observation. I got an outstanding. Not much consolation!
  9. doomzebra

    doomzebra Occasional commenter

    Yep - would have been on Mastermind but for the heats being during term time
  10. Really wish work hadn't been so busy right now!
  11. The other way round.
    Gave up teaching (teacher training actually) because of other commitments.
    Not of my choosing.
    Sh*t happens. Was probably for the best.
  12. I vow not to do it gain. 2 in one year is bad form. 3 is a big mistake
  13. Like others gave up teaching to get my life back!
    Now have a week full of opportunites......
  14. Have often considered it but have bills to pay.

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