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Have you been unfairly blacklisted by an agency?

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by Hazel Catkins, May 4, 2011.

  1. You can answer my survey anonymously here.

  2. You can answer my survey anonymously here.

  3. Yes and after being *** on by the pupils for doing my job.
  4. historygrump

    historygrump Star commenter Forum guide

    It said I could not repeat vote, despite the fact that I have not voted yet? The answer is NO.
  5. Thank you for letting me know about the fault.
  6. darkness

    darkness New commenter

    How would you even know you have been blacklisted by an agency?
  7. A very good point darkness
  8. I had worked for an agency for about seven years. I accepted a day's work in a school, but noticed later on the payslip that I had been underpaid around thirty-four pounds (for the day). I queried the shortfall, to be told that it was my fault as I had not asked what my pay would be for that day. In the previous seven years, I had not been told that I needed to do this. I also had a contract signed by myself and the agency specifying my pay. The agency would not discuss the matter further on the phone and refused to answer my letters. The agency was on an approved list, drawn up by the authority when the supply register was handed to agencies, so I wrote to the authority. They claimed to have lost my letters and told me over the phone that I should apply for a full time post with a school. My union told me that my contract would be difficult to enforce and the shortfall was only for thirty pounds. I eventually received the shortfall about a year later. Since working on that day, I have not been offered work by the agency which I take to be a blacklist. I believe myself to have been an honest and hardworking teacher for seven years for the agency and if there was a problem with my teaching, the agency never mentioned it and later refused to discuss anything anyway.

    I am reassured from the post that this practise is not widespread. However, I was never given a reason for being singled-out for this treatment and felt that I was unsupported by associated organisations.
  9. darkness

    darkness New commenter

    I would suspect, and can only give a guess, as what you write sounds similar to a few others I know, that the school for that day gav some small negative comment, which agencies do not like and essentially have zero tolerance as they fear losing all supply with a school. When this happens, they try and deduct a small amount of pay. It can often be the supply arrives late, even if they were called in late and so the agency will claim you are not entitled to a full days pay.

    The Unions sound very rubbish with the way they handled it. A contract is a contract.

    There is some form of inactive thing agencies have in if you don't work for a while or call in regularly you slip to the back of the list.
  10. It seems unlikely as the class were well behaved, worked hard and there were no incidents. Unusual I know, but it was in a good school. However, when I have been faced with incidents, my pay has not been cut as a result.

  11. I dont know if I've ever been blacklisted. But I did blacklist an agency for reducing my pay- by £20- I assumed they would pay me what had been agreed in my initial interview with them.
    Always check what the rate is before you agree a job, if you're not happy, say so -9 times out of 10 they'll increase the rate-especially if it's after 9.00am!
    Anyhow, this rubbish treatment made me so mad I talked to the head teacher about it. She was mad because the agency was still charging her the same as before. She dropped the agency as well and now I work direct .
    You have nothing to lose but your chains - but the agency loses their slave!
  12. Not blacklisted by an agency, but certainly blacklisted by a three of schools. This is really annoying as there is apparently no right of reply. In one case I just don't know why - even phoned the school head to discuss this, but he would not - only confirmed it was due to a negative comment about me, received from another member of staff or from a parent. Another school said they wouldn't have me back because of my classroom management style. No idea what this meant, and wasn't aware of any issues on the day! It was a very ordinary day in a very ordinary class but maybe I got the ability groups wrong, or something!
    On the other occasion, there was a small incident where I queried why I was being asked to go on playground duty every day! They said I was aggressive or assertive or negative or something!
    In these cases the schools have told my agency they don't want me back. Luckily the agency still uses me, and finds enough work for me. I seem to have had enough positive feedback from plenty of schools, thank goodness.
    I know that some schools ask TAs to report to management concerning supply teachers; I wonder what sort of training and guidance they are given in evaluating teaching.
  13. oops, sorry about the lack of editing !!

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