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Have you applied for an internal job and not got it?

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by picsgirl, Jun 16, 2011.

  1. picsgirl

    picsgirl New commenter

    I'm currently working as a 1:1 SEN TA on a temporary contract until July.
    Today a permanent job has become available for 2 days a week within the school.
    I've been told that the other 4 temp 1:1 TA's and a few parent volunteers have shown an interest in applying.
    I will apply - if I don't get it I'll still have to work there til the end of term.
    Have any of you been turned down for a job in the school you worked in?
  2. copycat

    copycat Occasional commenter

    Yes it happened to me and I was devastated at the time. It also happened to a teacher collegue who had been covering a maternity leave and then the post became available. I think it is quite common but don't let it put you off applying!
    The good thing is I got another job (after a brief period of unemployment) which is in a much nicer school!
    Good luck.
  3. rosyjan

    rosyjan New commenter

    Happened to me too, I was helping in three different classrooms as a volunteer, I was working in the library when head teacher showed applicants around saying and this is Mrs K our wonderful volunteer librarian. I had applied for the job and never heard a thing! Shortly afterwards another job came up and I was offered it without it being advertised. Was this a test, not sure? Really hurt though. This was over sixteen years ago, always stayed with me, so be prepared.

    Good luck with the application.
  4. Pennyforyourthoughts

    Pennyforyourthoughts Occasional commenter

    Always difficult when applying internally as they already know you and how you operate and any attempt to be what you are not (the usual embellishments added when you are not known) may be a great disadvantage. However this may help with having a successful internal interview. Some how find an angle to let them see you in a completely different light without unfounded embellishments. By that I mean find areas of the post that you are doing that they may not know about and highlight its advantages, again highlight what you can bring to the posting that they do not know about, extra curricular activities, other hidden experience and skills, you may be an amazing musician or singer, sports person, tread the boards with a local dance group or theatre group, be clear where they can be used and how they are an asset to the post and the school as an extra club tutor. Go for it.
  5. I had a similar situation. I was originally employed as a 1:1 TA supporting an SEN child but once this child left for secondary school, my job ceased to exist. A new TA position became available and although my Head rang HR and said he wanted me for the job, apparently it had to be advertised, short listed and interviewed for. It was a real farce because I got the job anyway but I genuinely felt bad for the other interviewees as several had travelled quite a distance probably for a wasted effort. Who knows if I was the best person or it was because the school knew me? [​IMG]
    Ironically I applied several years before for a TA position at another local school and found out subsequently it was an internal appointment and the interviews were just to tick the box as well.[​IMG]
  6. picsgirl

    picsgirl New commenter

    Thanks for replies ladies.
    I will apply for it to get experience (hopefully) of interviews.
    I'm not hopeful to be honest - amoungst the candidates is the volunteer who already works in that year - the talk is that the teacher is keen for her to get it.
    I feel a little dispondant as there has been nothing else suitable to apply for .
  7. picsgirl

    picsgirl New commenter

    I've applied - the form had to be in by monday, but the HT has been on a course since then so haven't heard if I'll get an interview yet - they are being held next week.
    Still no vacancies advertised elsewhere. I hope I haven't wasted my time doing 15 hours per week course work for my apprenticeship over the past 10 months.
    Only 20 days left to get a job - feeling the pressure.
  8. picsgirl

    picsgirl New commenter

    Well I had the interview yesterday and didn't get the job - it went to the volunteer who was already working in that class with the teacher who was conducting the interview, so I don't think I really had a chance.
    My 1:1 job finishes in 8 days, nothing on Eteach for this area (I'm looking for parttime primary and the only jobs for months have been either High school, full time or Welsh medium - I don't speak fluent Welsh).
    It least I've finished my apprenticeship course - but the way I feel at the moment is to pack it all in. If I'm not good enough to get a permanent job in the school I'm currently working tempory in then what chance do I have in another school where they don't know me.
  9. copycat

    copycat Occasional commenter

    Don't give up!
    As I said before, a similar thing happened to me, but I ended up with a job in a nicer school and more hours.
    You might have to wait a couple of months after the start of the new year (I started my new job in November ). A number of jobs are usually advertised once the new school year is under way.
    Good luck.

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