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Have the rules for Threshold Round 11 changed?

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by b_m, Oct 16, 2010.

  1. b_m

    b_m New commenter

    This is my 6th year teaching, and I am on M6 and have been since 1st September 2010.
    I have fully expected to do my application for Threshold this year, hopefully to move onto UPS 1 wef 1st September 2011.
    My school has just given all of us eligible to move to UPS 1, and also those due to move between UPS points, a memo saying that due to "changes in government legislation", we will now do our applications in the Autumn term of 2011, so effectively starting our next academic year still on M6, with backdating if approved.
    I know that the backdating and October deadline has always existed, but I don't believe that this excluded people from applying in their 6th year- it instead provided the scope for people to extend their evidence gathering to include the review of their 6th year (in case they did not cover standards previously) should they wish to. Effectively, my school, in issuing this instruction to staff, is refusing to consider applications made this year.
    Helpfully, both the teachernet site and the DfE site contain guidance up to Round 10- this year is Round 11. I have had a hunt around though and found the STPCD for 2010 at this link: http://publications.education.gov.uk/eOrderingDownload/2010%20School%20Teachers'%20Pay%20and%20Conditions.pdf
    Point 19.4.1 reads:
  2. b_m

    b_m New commenter

    Sorry the formatting is a little strange above! Hopefully my point and query is still clear though? I really wish there was an edit button sometimes!
  3. STPCD 2010 is the "bible" on this. It was published under the auspices of the present government.
    I would suggest that if your school proves intractable in the face of this evidence, you contact your union at regional level for support.
  4. b_m

    b_m New commenter

    Thanks Blackdog. I'm also after some knowledge of what other schools are doing though, so I can say to our SLT that I'm aware of colleagues in x other schools that are applying during their 6th year, not after their 6th year. The practical application of the theory if you will!

    I don't want names or schools (although LEA's would be useful!), I'm just after the knowledge that my way of understanding, that you apply during your 6th year, is the way that its happening in other schools.

  5. tafkam

    tafkam Occasional commenter

    Name just about any other school of your choosing - the vast majority of schools will follow the rules as clearly set out.
  6. b_m

    b_m New commenter

    Thank you. So am I correct in thinking that your understanding of the guidelines is the same as mine, that being that people apply in their 6th year for progression at the beginning of their 7th year? As targets from the 6th year are not reviewed until the beginning of next year, I am assuming that the evidence would come from Years 4 and 5 performance management cycles where targets have been set and then reviewed?
  7. Hi,
    I am also on M6 at the moment i.e from sept 10.I was told that I should apply before Oct 2011 to get my threshhold application in time for UPS1 for next year.Does that mean that I will need this year's PM review as evidence or can I still have these from years 4 and 5?When shall I apply the latest?No one is aware of new rules in this process yet at my school and I am bit confused.Please help.(my PM reviews from years 4 (two out of the three)and all from 5 have been met.Any suggestions please.
  8. b_m

    b_m New commenter

    My understanding is you can apply up to October 2011, but can also apply any date from September 2010.
    Obviously if you don't apply until October 2011 you won't be UPS1 from September, but it does then get backdated to September 1st 2011.
    I've always understood the October deadline to be available so if your evidence from Years 4 and 5 wasn't enough, you could include 6 instead. I certainly don't think that you HAVE to include year 6, but you could if you delayed your application until October 2011.
    My issue that I originally posted about is a little different to this. We've been told that we can't apply until October 2011 so therefore forcing us to include Year 6 in our application.
  9. Ravena

    Ravena New commenter

    I am also looking to apply to go to UPS1 w.e.f Sept 2011. I have been told that nobody knows the process for this yet (As BM says, the recommended application form on Teachernet is only for 2009/10).

    So I have submitted my last 2 reviews and will wait to see what happens...
  10. b_m

    b_m New commenter

    As far as i'm concerned, "the process" is that outlined in the STPCD 2010- that any teacher on M6 can apply and should submit their last 2 complete performance reviews.
    That said, im also aware that you can apply only once in each cycle- so it this ruling from my school is in fact correct, and it does have to include year 6 (which I doubt), would your application now prevent you from applying until Round 12, which I imagine will open in September 2011?
  11. I'm so glad that Ive found this thread on here - my headteacher doesn't know anything about the threshold assessment deadlines - how do I go about sending my PM reviews? Do they go to my Head? Is there a form to go with them?
  12. coppull

    coppull New commenter

    Your HT should have them already. Your Reviewer should have sent them to him or her already.
    There is no form to go with them. Suggest you e-mail Threshold section of frequently asked questions to your HT.
    Another HT who needs to be put in special measures.[​IMG]
  13. b_m

    b_m New commenter

    Hmmm beg to differ. There is a form that you fill in requesting assessment, its just the Round 11 form hasn't been released as yet!
  14. Thanks bm, glad I found this thread. Your answer is just what I thought. It seems to be very quiet out there when searching for the '2010/11 Round 11 Threshold Application Form'. Maybe it will never get released?!
  15. b_m

    b_m New commenter

  16. Thank you. Will do.
  17. Piranha

    Piranha Star commenter

    I agree that the rules say that the decision should be based on the two reviews preceding the application. However, this rule does not seem sensible. Surely schools should be allowed to use the latest evidence. Otherwise, somebody could be given UPS1 at the start of 2011-12, even though the review for 2010-11 showed them to not be achieving the standards. I can't imagine that many employers outside teaching would base decisions on evidence which is a year out of date.
  18. b_m

    b_m New commenter

    Whilst I do understand what you are saying, the very nature of using a 2 year evidence base will always mean some evidence is out of date.
    Also, I'm not looking to use large amount of evidence from the past- the majority of the evidence I would be submitting would come from last year (My M5 year).
  19. mabbi

    mabbi New commenter

    I wrote a formal letter to my headteacher, following advice from this forum. She has now sent out the round 10 application form, modified by her for round 11. She said that this is for continuity with the other staff in the school.

    My main concern is that we are applying for something that may well not exist anymore...
  20. Piranha

    Piranha Star commenter

    I still think it is very strange that schools can be forced to decide on Threshhold for 2011-12 without looking at evidence for 2010-11. In any commercial organisation, decisions on promotion would be based at least partly on the year just gone. Can anybody justify why a teacher who is manifestly not meeting the standards in 2010-11 should be awarded threshhold? This is not likely for the majority of candidates, but I would bet there are a few who manage to keep their shortcomings hidden for a couple of performance reviews at the right time. This is not a comment on anybody who has posted on this subject; just on the system as a whole.

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