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Have Ofsted 'changed the goalposts'?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by InkyP, Mar 9, 2012.

  1. So how does this apply to special schools? It can take weeks, months and sometimes years for some of our kids to make progress! Is there a different set of criteria? Has anyone in a special school been inspected recently and found the same kind of problem with Ofsted judgements?
  2. Excellent comment, made me lol but how true!
  3. Seadream

    Seadream New commenter

    Hear hear! When I started training to teach about 21 years ago, I did it as I wanted to teach. The National Curriculum was introduced during my final year, then along came OFSTED. I love kids and enjoy teaching them (most of the time!) but I don't love what being a teacher now entails and requires.
  4. Well I have just had a lesson observation and I didn't get the grade I was hoping for. I was shocked as it was lower! I could argue in my defence and produce enough evidence that I am a higher grade, but... I really don't have the time or energy even though it is so soul destroying. My confidence to teach has been truly trashed. The reason I was given... Ofsted are now looking for ...and .... yes you got it - they've moved the goal posts but management didn't bother to fill us teachers in!!
  5. Had a staff meeting tonight about new framework. If ONE lesson is judged inadequate then ALL teaching will be graded as such. Pupil attainment in line with ARE is what matters, not progress. Also in each lesson the teacher: pupil work ratio is suppoed to be 20:80%. The 3 part lesson is good practice no more. No guidance on how to format a lesson now. APP takes a back burner, APS is the language of attainment but no guidance to replace APP.
    Massive focus on reading. Expect the poorest/struggling readers to have to read to the inspector. Inspectors will spend more time in classrooms looking through books, planning and all data.
    One word: Yikes.
    Don't see how any school will be outstanding. Feel v worried about it all.
  6. Goalposts have been substantially moved and you are quite right, APS is probably the key to being outstanding. They are looking at being above National levels of attainment and the percentage of Level 5 achieved at KS2 and how we are pushing those levels up.
    Are your special needs making the expected 2 sub levels each year? They should be even if they are SA+.
    We are, as always, expected to achieve the impossible......and then if we are very lucky we may be 'good' which of course will not be good enough.[​IMG]
  7. Ruthie66

    Ruthie66 New commenter

    sorry to be dim here but I'm struggling to keep up with all the TLAs (Three Letter Acronyms) that we are bombarded with but what does APS stand for?
  8. Got ofsteded under the new framework last half term - we came out as good with outstanding features (a huge relief[​IMG]
    Advice given to a Y5 teacher for a plenary...
    "Ask a level 5 pupil to come to the front of the class and chose a level 4 pupil to come out and join them. Let the L5 pupil tell the L4 pupil how to make their work as good as the L5 pupil's"
    Err not likely in that class unless you wanted to start a culture of superiority and inferiority or a punch up!
  9. Ofsted have changed the goal posts and I fear it will be used to further privatisation of our state education system.
    A school near me had an Ofsted last month. Previously they scored good with outstanding features. The staff remains the same. The general cohorts remain a similar balance. Teaching remains at the same levels as before.
    They got a satisfactory.
    How long before parents start questionning these absurd new gradings?
    Staff and governors will no doubt feel demoralised by these changes when they get lower grades than previously despite keeping up the good work as in years gone by.
  10. I agree, too many acronyms but that's the way we have gone and you have to know them when you speak to the Ofsted inspector!
    APS - Average Points Score across key stages. These are carefully scutinised along with Raiseonline and questions asked about percentages expected for Level 4 and how you are going to raise the percentages achieving Level 5 (as we know 5 is the new 4).
    You can have 100% achieving Level 4 and above at end KS2 and still not achieve outstanding because you don't have enough Level 5.
  11. Our head gave us the good news today that from a meeting he attended yesterday that No notice Ofsted inspections are happening as from September. I just spent 10 minutes last night filling in a questionnaire consultation on the ofsted site he sent us about all of these proposals inc no notice inspections. It said the closing date was May 14th- if this is truly going ahead it makes an utter mockery of this so called consultation.
    So has anyone else heard that this really is happening? Are you going to spend the whole year in dread of who might be lurking in the carpark?
    I know for a start I would not have been outstanding today-I did a much shorter literacy lesson where children assessed each other's work & then we practised for our class assembly on Friday. If ofsted just turn up are we then meant to suddenly dump all of this normal practice- I mean if you have an assembly you have to practice for it. I suppose at least on the 1st night you can go over your plans for the 2nd but it is worrying me! So do you just think well take me as you find me or do you really strive to make sure everyday is as good as it can be just in case? So spend a lot more time planning etc?
    Some of our teachers think our head will now be going down the route of you have to be outstanding all day everyday & doing drop in obs etc.
    To make this worse I was letting off steam to my DH & he said well if you're an outstanding school you should be teaching outstanding lessons every day. I said this was physically possible & you would end up with burn out. I also commented that it takes me 4 hours at best to plan every week but this is not always up to the standard that I would plan for if I knew I was being observed- I mean it's good but not every lesson has the bells & knobs on.... I dread to think if they came into my phonics lessons- we work off LCP & adapt it but some of the lessons later in the week are dire. Looks like I will be having to sort this all out ASAP! I think I am a good teacher but I still know that not every lesson I do is great- there are times when you do a dud.. thoughts??
  12. lardylegs

    lardylegs Occasional commenter

    Start work now. Build up a bank of lessons which are standalone but can fit into any topic (roughly). Research all you need to do to hit the targets (ie everyone makes progress. Hands up who knows how to draw a hedgehog or write a hedgehog poem? Well by the end of my lesson you will be able to do both!! How exciting is that? For the boy who doesn't know what a hedgehog is, here's a picture and look I will sign the word for you, too.
    At the end of the lesson, we will read out our hedgehog poems to each other (see what great readers we are!) and make comments (great speaking and listening, pupil ownership of lessons) on each other's poems and drawings. Fanbloodytastic and at the end of the lesson, hands up who can write a hedgehog poem now?
    Other than this, don't sweat. The goalposts have changed and that speccy *** is being paid a fortune to chuck us in the **** so his mates can get cash money for academies.
  13. Seadream

    Seadream New commenter

    Dalian Daisy - I do a job share so I would find this very scary too, as I can arrive at work and find planning has (obviously) been tweaked and I suddenly have to change what I thought I was doing. My jobshare's organisational skills leave a lots to be desired and she works the majority so it's mainly her planning. It'd be just my luck if they arrived on my days (1.5 per week). I also do odd supply days - I wonder how they'll judge supply lessons?
  14. Ruthie66

    Ruthie66 New commenter

    Thanks Charleydog - we don't have Raiseonline and the usual performance measures in our school so that would explain why I hadn't heard about APS.
  15. bedingfield

    bedingfield New commenter

    So this means 20% teaching by the teacher and 80% work by the children?
    I am feeling totally demoralised at the moment. Drop-in obs, all the time, pupil progress meetings. It was a good job that they didn't "drop in" today. The lesson matched no plan whatsoever. I used my gut instinct and let the children take the lead in their learning. Produced great work (all made progress) and there was a real boost to self esteem for a lot of the class. The adults supporting the class all commented on what a brilliant morning it had been. Not sure that it ticked all of the right Ofsted boxes though.
    I love the work with the children, but don't think I can carry on taking all the **** that goes with it. Ofsted is overdue in our school so everyone is uptight. I just wish they would come and get it over with. I know the outcome will not be good from what I've read and heard from teachers who are friends.

  16. Secondary - Ofsteded two weeks ago. Previously good - this time an expected satisfactory. Doesn't look good (no pun intended!) in the local paper though, does it?
  17. Yes, new legislation came in to play in January, didn't it. Our school has just gone through an ofsted inspection (or to be correct: an HMI Inspection). 3 years ago when inspected we received an outstanding grade, this time around we were graded good. The inspection was extremely tough, it lasted for 3 days 12th, 13th and 14th March with two inspectors and we are a small, independent SEN school with 21 pupils. The inspection was extremely thorough right to the point of us being informed that in one of our annual pupil reviews we had used a capital M for mathematics and a capital was not necessary; it was that tough. We were graded good and we are reasonably happy with that.
    Good luck for your own inspection!
  18. Yes bedingfield, teacher teaches for 20% of time, pupils work for 80% of time.
    Quite how you are expected to introduce new concepts to move the chn on I'm not sure.
    We discussed lessons as being in terms of guided groups only. Bloomin' nightmare, the structure of lesson is going to change drastically but there is NO GUIDANCE for these new methods. (Yes, I do realise they are not "new" for teachers who have spent many years in the job, but those who have only taught in the "Hour" and "Framework" eras don't know anything else.)
  19. Belthazor

    Belthazor New commenter

    With a progress-ometer. Patented by M. Gove and M. Wilshaw.
  20. dumpty

    dumpty Star commenter

    Ok, so I promptly left the sick teaching conditions in England and moved overseas but OFSTED are doing what all irrelevant civil service offices do - inventing ways to keep their jobs. This time they are so desperate they haven't looked at the long (medium) term effect of what they are doing here, namely that soon they will have the entire education system of Britain labelled as rubbish.....and then what do they do? What they always do - move the goalposts again, this time by lowering the targets so then presto!! OFSTED and the government have saved the day as standards improve!!! It is all bull, it is all nonsense and it is all tragic. The really sad thing is many teachers (understandably) take it all far too seriously and do not appreciate it is a (sickening) game, and so end up demoralised, ill.....or even worse.

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