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Have I left it too late to apply for TA jobs?

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by dc88, Jun 6, 2011.

  1. No way, the job market is swinging right now! Where about are you? And where are you searching for posts?
  2. picsgirl

    picsgirl New commenter

    Hi, I'm in Cardiff - I little restricted as I don't speak fluent Welsh, I'm not Catholic and I prefer primary school, so that reduces the options.
    There are numerous agencies in this area that schools use, but I've spocken to a number of people who have worked for them, I don't think I could cope with the stress of not knowing from one day to the next where I'd be working.
    I look on the teaching website (the one the local council advertise on) everyday, but nothing new. Theres 6 TA jobs on there, 4 for Welsh speaking schools, 1 for 1:1 care and the other for High school.
    The only other thing I can think of is sending my CV to all the schools - do schools bother with these or do they tend to just look at the 100's of application forms they get when they do have a vacany?
    Sorry if I sound negative, but with trying to complete my qualification before my current job expires, it's just suddenly hit me that it's June already and I'm panicing.
  3. The school I'm in is only just finalising next year's Reception intake. That means they don't know for certain yet how many TAs they need or which children/classes they are needed in, plus TAs can start/leave any time... so, they may still need more TAs. From what I've seen, HTs seem to value experience over qualifications when recruiting. A good reference could get you a long way. Could you ask your Head to keep you in mind when s/he meets with other local heads who may need someone? That's how I got my first TA job - one head recommended me to another. The school I went to work for seemed very pleased not to have to go through the whole advertising/shortlisting/interviewing process. (Not particularly fair to other people I accept, but it often seems like who you know in schools...)

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