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Have I got the main questions covered for a reception placement visit day?

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by Miss-Smiley, Apr 16, 2012.

  1. I am a Primary PGCE student (age range 5-11) and will be doing my next placement in reception! I have done my previous placements in yr 2/3/4! Normally students on my course would not be offered a reception placement but I said I would be interested in doing one! So tomorrow I will be visiting the reception class, where I will be doing my 5 week placement starting from next week and was wondering if I have all the main questions covered that I should be asking tomorrow?

    1. Copy of the daily routine/timetable
    2.. How do you teach phonics + what phonic programme do you use?
    3. Are there any SEN children + a copy of IEP
    4. Is any guided reading done and in what format?
    5. Copies of the weekly, mtp plans
    6. What topics have been covered before the holidays and what topics is the focus for this half term?
    7. Does each child have a key person? (Copy of who each child's key worker is).
    8. Any grouping, according to ability?
    9. Any behavior management system?
    10. What will be my role?
    11.How do you observe/how often?
    12.How do you do assessment? I.e profile books?
    13.How often do you do the points scale?
    14. Log in for photo copier/computer
    15. Permission to take pictures for evidence for QTS standards etc.

    I am nervous but looking forward to the EYFS experience :)! Hopefully this placement goes well!
  2. How are support staff deployed?
    I am beginning Reception in September and have been visiting differnet schools EYFS departments to get ideas/feel for it. I've found that different schools deploy staff differently i.e. play partners, observers, outdoor supervisor etc. It can get confusing! Its also worth finding out how much staff are involved too. Some staff only set up resources for activities the teacher gives them/plans but in other schools staff are actively involved in coming up with ideas, planning their activity and delivering it.
    Good Luck!
  3. Oh a very good question!
    Thank you Alison! I need the good luck! :) Will that be your first teaching post? All the best!
  4. No, I've been teaching about 9 years now but I am going from Year 6 down to Reception! Bit scared! [​IMG]
  5. sweetsaregood

    sweetsaregood New commenter

    How do you ensure childrens interests are followed? - especially if teaching pre-set topic.
    What resources are already available for the 'topic' to be followed?
    E.g. We are going into a minibeast topic now which the children showed great interest in in the outdoor area before the holidays, I have followed this 'interest' whilst including elements of 'the outdoors' which some childrne would otherwise not come across. We are 'growing' butterflies, frogs, have an ant hill in the classroom and will be setting up a wormery and minibeast garden. The resources for these are readily available in school to be extended upon so dfeinately worth asking about.

    Has teacher/mentor read any information sent by uni? Is there anything they wish to discuss with you?
    Is there a preferable time for you to have a longer conversation with your mentor e.g. if you were coming to me I am involved with lots of other things across school with SLT and SENCo as well as beginning transition for nursery children, so I would probably set 1 after school session a week to look at your standards, general discussion about how its going, talk about any evaluations/reflections you had done etc.

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