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Have I done something really awful? I took off a child's shoe because he was constantly fiddling with it instead of listening to me.

Discussion in 'Primary' started by byronipuss, Jun 24, 2010.

  1. Just read your message , what a laugh, teach Y3, so I might try the mob method - I'll let you know how it goes - !

  2. I am a supply teacher and over heard an interesting staffroom chat yesterday. The conversion was on chn losing, breaking pencils etc. A teachers with a child at a different sch informed those gathered that the Y5 teacher at her son's sch takes a child's shoe in exchange for a writing implement. That teacher keeps the shoe for the DAY!. Child goes out to play in all weathers wearing one shoe. That teacher is doing that now. The 'parent' refused to name the sch but spoke of other things it did which she felt was not appropriate but the head knew.
  3. Oh poor you! I've done this loads - am a year 1 teacher and usually have to do it near the beginning of the year so they know I'm serious about velcro ripping! The children get a warning and on the first warning we talk about why they shouldn't do it (distracting the others etc). They have to keep them off during my introduction. You were NOT wrong. I do wish parents would back us up a bit more as well as our head teachers! Hope it all went OK for you.
  4. I'm glad it didn't turn out so badly in the end. If your head continues to behave in such an inappropriate fashion, you could theaten to name her and the school on these discussion boards. As long as you keep some evidence of how she's acted, ( for example, her 'cold, curt' text ), she won't have a legal leg to stand on.
    Just a footnote: now I live in Cambodia, where I am married to a local woman. My mother-in-law stopped going to school in the 1960s after her teacher had thrown a boy out of the classroom window. ( I think she felt she couldn't cope with that level of pedagogic violence. ) I don't think anything happened to the teacher as a result. Why don't you try that next time?

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